Las Vegas Shooting: 72 Hours Later

It’s been only a few days since the worst mass shooting in modern American history, and as more official information is released, disbelief, grief and despair continues to grow. The kill count has risen to 59 people and with 527 injured, many are still in hospital fighting for their lives.

Yesterday an official photo of Stephen Paddock’s body was released by the media, showing him splayed out on the floor after committing suicide with a single shot to the head before the SWAT team could reach him. Inside the room, they found 47 guns, some of which were modified (illegally) to be fully automatic machine guns, which is definitely the signs of a serious gun maniac.

Now, this is in no way military related, but in the military forces, having fully automatic weapons as opposed to semi-automatic weapons is the norm, so the question remains, just how did somebody like Stephen have access to such an arsenal? After all, having 47 guns inside your hotel suite is an awful lot of weapons for one person. How did the transportation of ten suitcases by Paddock to his room with all those guns inside, not arise any suspicion from hotel employees at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino?

Official released photo of the shooter, laying dead on the floor of the hotel suite. Credit: DailyMail

People are still naturally grieving this horrible massacre, and people may be in understandable despair for the rest of their lives due to this incident. However, some are still completely dumbfounded and are in total disbelief that Stephen Paddock could be the shooter, as he didn’t fit the profile of a crazed shooter in such an unimaginable attack like this one. It’s truly an unprecedented incident of the greatest magnitude and the mystery of his motivation for this attack, still remains unclear.

Marilou Danley, 62, who is said to be Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend from the Philippines, has just arrived back to the United States and is now being questioned by the FBI in Los Angeles. Stephen Paddock had transferred $100,000 to the Philippines, presumably to his girlfriend, just days before the attack. Marilou had spent time in the Philippines two times in September, but had also visited Japan. Hopefully more answers will be found out from investigations into Marilou Danley’s exact relation to Stephen Paddock, such as the true motivation behind this horrendous attack.

Eric Paddock, the brother of Stephen Paddock, is understandably shaken up by the whole ordeal. Not even he can grasp how his brother could be the shooter, and is unable to find any logic or sense in the murderous work of his brother.

Now, let’s bring in a phone call interview from Michael Savage, courtesy of Proud Conservative, where a man named Rick who was one of Stephen Paddock’s neighbours from Mesquite, Nevada for 8 months. Rick lived right next to him, and used to see him everyday. Let’s hear what he has to say about all this.

Stephen Paddock had been on a gun shopping spree in Nevada and Arizona, as well as in California in the weeks and months leading up to the incident. Additional weapons have been recovered from his home in Mesquite, Nevada, along with 19 more guns and materials found to be usable for the creation of explosives, which were found in a search of his other home inside a retirement community. One wonders how Marilou Danley would be unaware of so many weapons being inside his home, although, it is possible that it might be perfectly legal for those kinds of weapons to be in there. The real questions here is why did he need such an extensive gun collection, and what was its purpose?

This naturally brings up the debate over gun control. With Democrats long being advocates for gun control and stripping citizens of the 2nd amendment, this latest massacre has once again brought up the same old questions and debates about the 2nd amendment and the possibility the banning of it. Even in the face of this awful situation, would it ever be justified? The truth of the matter is the banning of all guns would not prevent any such shootings like this from happening again. Let’s take a quick look at Alex Jones from an 2013 interview, debating the 2nd amendment against Piers Morgan.

Apart from that heated interview, the point Alex Jones made will remain the same today, with much emphasis on his comments at 00:25 to 00:35 being a justification as to what may be happening in a nutshell, but what do we know? The 2nd amendment debate will once again make the rounds, and many people, especially the NRA, will naturally be unwilling to be stripped of their guns. They expect Donald Trump not to cower to any Democrat party wishes of banning guns, since it will not prevent massacres by criminals, terrorists, and maniacs, even if they are banned. Statistics show that Republicans may own the most guns, but are the least likely to ever use them.

Back to the Las Vegas shooting, we found this curious video of an interview with a 21-year-old girl who went to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday, only to get caught up in the chaos of the mass shooting. Just listen to what she has to say!

What could this really mean? Well, it indicates in some prophetic way, that either the Hispanic lady who told the young woman that “they were all going to die” was some sort of psychic being able to foretell the future, or this lady knew of the events that were to unfold that night. Or maybe was it just a coincidence? Who knows really? But it certainly is very curious, indeed.

The lady and the man, said to be Hispanic, are yet to be identified by the police. Hopefully, investigators will find out who they are, if they were to come forward and make themselves known to the authorities.

That about wraps things up for this incident for today. We’ve all learned some new information about the whole incident at it’s current stage. One thing that investigators will hopefully release to the media is the Mandalay Bay CCTV footage of Stephen Paddock bringing up his ten suitcases into his hotel suite on the 32nd floor. Where is the footage of Stephen Paddock from the hotel’s CCTV camera’s of what he had been up to in the days leading up to the massacre, as well as the day of the shootings? This footage would most definitely tell us more about how the incident went down, and would most definitely quench any and all conspiracy theories that Stephen Paddock could not have worked alone on this horrible massacre as a lone gunman.

It is all entirely possible that he was the only gunman, but some theorists believe he was set up and is just a patsy to an unknown criminal action. After all, what would possess a financially well-off retiree who enjoyed gambling and the good life, to just go out and decide to massacre festival goers in Las Vegas on a whim?

All we can do now is wait for more official information about the events to come out to the public. Investigations for a motive are still ongoing in this unbelievable and tragic attack on Las Vegas.


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