Las Vegas Shooting: Did Stephen Paddock Work Alone?

While the liberal mass media focus on the tragedy in Las Vegas and the shooter, Stephen Paddock, a multi-milloniare professional gambler, there’s been little to no new information being released to the public. What are the liberal establishment mainstream media covering up at this point? Well, new research over the last four days has led police to believe that in no way was Stephen Paddock working alone.

To shoot solely from the 32nd floor at such a distance from that high up could be plausible, but there was never any gun muzzle flashes visible from that vantage point. However, within this article lays the astonishing video taken by a Las Vegas taxi driver, showing gun muzzle flashes coming from the 4th floor from an automatic weapon shooting at the festival goers at the Route 91 festival. The death toll as remained at 59 people killed, and over 527 people injured, many of which are still being treated in hospitals in Las Vegas, including the UMC hospital.

Donald J. Trump and Melania arrive at UMC hospital in Las Vegas late on Wednesday night, after previously being in Puerto Rico, to visit the victims of the Las Vegas massacre. Credit: AP

Before we go any further, watch this astonishing second interview with Eric Paddock down below. Eric talks about his brother Stephen, and touches upon his disbelief that the events that occurred on 1st of October in Las Vegas were the murderous work of his brother, as well as how he possibly could’ve done such a thing entirely on his own, as the mass media have claimed.

Additionally, the mainstream media have said that Stephen had no religious or political stance, but new evidence and theories suggest that he may have been an active member of Antifa, the Soros backed terrorist group that’s been working on part of the establishment’s shadow government to divide America after the election of President Donald Trump.

The Melbourne faction of Antifa posted on their Facebook page congratulating their “soldier” Stephen Paddock on his massacre of conservative voters attending the country music festival. However, this Facebook post was later deleted by the Antifa Melbourne faction. Whilst the mass media paints Paddock as a crazed lone gunmen, many believe that he had been brainwashed by liberal news rhetoric to hate Donald J. Trump, and perhaps saw a need to exert his maniacal violence onto these festival goers.

Alex Jones received intelligence from a CIA and police source stating that there was tons of Antifa paraphernalia inside the room on the 32nd floor. Additionally, on the 32nd floor, an Australian man staying in the room beside Stephen Paddock’s room stated that he clearly knew there was more than one gunmen on the 32nd floor, and had contacted authorities to mention this. He also revealed that a security guard was shot and killed on the 32nd floor.

The 32nd floor window of Stephen Paddock’s suite is analysed by an investigator before boarding it up. Credit: AP

Why was a security guard killed, and by whom? Who is this Australian man, and why aren’t the mainstream media reporting on it? Moreover, why aren’t the mainstream media reporting that Stephen Paddock was in fact a Democrat who may have been spun by liberal mass media news reports over the last year, compacted with the use of medication prescriptions presumably to make people more violent? This is a rumoured staple of many maniacs committing shootings.

What else is very strange is that ISIS stated that Stephen was one of their soldiers, and with an Antifa Facebook page in Australia calling him one of their own, why aren’t the mainstream media covering this either? Of course, if he was a crazed Democrat shooter, they wouldn’t want you to know about that, would they?

Take a look at this crucial official video of the Las Vegas shooting from street level, showing a gun muzzle flashing, not on the 32nd floor, but the 4th floor.

Why isn’t this video being reviewed or released by the media, along with a police radio voice saying that there’s a possible gunman on the 4th floor? Strange, indeed. It’s clear that there’s a cover up of information going on here, and yet these days, people are not as dumb as they were in the old days. This has seemingly all the hallmarks of a false flag attack, pinning all the blame on one gunmen but with tons of evidence suggesting that he obviously didn’t work alone.

We would also like to remind people of this as well; a 21-year-old festival goer said a woman and a man had pushed in front of everybody to get near the stage at the festival, forty-five minutes before the shooting occurred. They got into an argument with festival goers near the front and later yelled at them,”you are all going to die tonight”.

Could this man and woman have been Antifa members? Could Stephen Paddock have been an Antifa member? Was there a network who already knew of the intended plot to shoot, kill, and maim these festival goers? What sorts of people would say “you’re all going to die tonight” apart from a terror organisation?

It seems highly likely that this could be the work of the socialist satanic shadow government, hell-bent on dividing America and pushing for gun control. If anything, this attack has brought people together even further, so whoever’s plan this was has already backfired.

If you would like to see today’s official news and statements by the investigating police, as well as new information that’s been garnered by them during their ongoing investigation of the crime scenes, then you can read up on it by clicking this link.

There’s a lot of rumours flying around, but there’s sure to be more official information coming out of this massacre in these days of the “age of information” where everybody has a camera phone and news travels fast. Surely, if Stephen Paddock was a crazed left-wing Antifa member, this has to be exposed even further, right? We leave it to you to make up your own minds, while the passing days bring more new information about the reality of this crime. To say that he had no political stance seems absurd, unless he was just a patsy and a fall guy for somebody else, but that would suggest he wasn’t the real shooter at all. Who knows? Don’t believe everything you hear and read from your liberal establishment mainstream media news sources.

PS: When will Barack Obama say anything about this horrible shooting? He hasn’t said a peep about it. Very strange indeed.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Reuters

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