Scott Disick’s Relationship With Sofia Richie Frightens Lionel Richie

Whilst all the Kardashian’s have been getting pregnant, (apart from Kourtney, Kendall, Kris, and Caitlyn), Scott Disick, everyone’s favourite Lord and all around party guy, has gone and snagged himself a high-profile relationship with the 19-year-old celebrity daughter of multi-platinum singer, Lionel Richie. Apparently, “hello, it was her that Scott was looking for”. Well, in judging by their casual and blossoming relationship over the past month or so. Yes, Scott Disick, 34, and Sofia Richie, 19, have just been on a romantic dinner date together.

Aw, how sweet! Insider reports suggest that Sofia Richie has been defiant of her fathers wishes for her to stop dating the wacky sense of humoured (yet sort of sensible) party guy Scott, because naturally, he fears for his young daughter being corrupted by his womanising and partying ways.

They recently ate at the Nobu Malibu restaurant, as the below photo shows. Clearly, they are going quite steady as a couple in their new romance. Lionel Richie however, is “scared to death” about their relationship, and is said to be “in shock” about the whole thing. Can you really blame him though?

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Sorry Lionel, daddy’s little girl is all grown up now, and she’s pining for Scott “The Lord” Disick. What really makes Lionel think that Scott isn’t good enough boyfriend material? Hmm… We suppose any father would be protective of their youngest child, and perhaps there are questions to be asked about the significant age gap between Scott and Sofia. However, being a celebrity daughter, no doubt Sofia Richie grew up fast in La-La Land, as most celebrity kids do, but she’ll probably not be let into any “over 21” places, or be able to drink anything but whole milk and Kool-Aid, since she’s under age and all. Scratch the wine and cocktails. This is perhaps something soothing for Scott, as if she’s not drinking, nor can he, right? However, we’re sure that’s not how the cookie crumbles behind closed doors.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick leaving Nobu in Malibu. They make a nice couple, right? Credit: JacsonSPlashNews

Regarding Sofia’s relationship with Scott, Lionel told US Weekly, “‘I’m scared to death, are you kidding me? Have I been in shock?! I’m the dad, come on.”

Sofia and Scott went official last month in September, months after they were first linked in May. With Scott Disick being a self-professed “sex addict”, they are no doubt “working out hard” in private. This is obviously irksome for Lionel to have in the back of his mind. After all, he’s her father.

In May, Scott and Sofia traveled to the south of France together, and Sofia tweeted this, revealing that her father had started to track her phone.

Credit: SofiaRichie/Twitter

In order to get Lionel Richie to calm down, maybe (read: CLEARLY) the right thing for Scott and Sofia to do at this point would be to invite Lionel out for a family meal at a nice restaurant and talk, so that he can realise that Scott isn’t a very bad guy at all. To include Lionel in their union to a point where he can rest easy knowing that his precious daughter is in good hands would be the intelligent thing for the couple to do.

That’s what any respectable boyfriend would do at this point, given that their relationship is known to the public, as it would hopefully give peace of mind to Lionel Richie. After all, he’s good guy, a good father, and he gave us such musical classics like “All Night Long”, “Three Times A Lady”, and the original “Hello” song. Clearly, this father truly deserves more inclusion, respect, and reassurance at this point, don’t you think? Note to Scott, you need to make this right and show that you’re a good guy, my man.

Father and daughter relationships need to be respected too. Credit: SofiaRIchie:IG

Will Scott and Sofia hear out the call from us to at least have dinner with Lionel to discuss their union? We certainly hope so, and we sincerely hope that he doesn’t break the poor young girls heart either. She’s only 19-years-old, you don’t date them that young unless you intend to make it serious in some way, right? Even if she is young, they’re fragile in relationship experience. Some would consider her too young for Scott, but maybe they are exactly what they both need for each other right now. We believe this to be the case, but they need to clue in her father a bit more at this stage as well.

What do you think of Sofia and Scott’s relationship? Tell us in the comment section below.

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