Honouring the Hopkins: Why Katie Hopkins is a British Icon

Love her or hate her, Katie Hopkins has a voice and quite frankly is not afraid to speak her mind. Despite anyone resembling a Jeremy Corbyn fan claiming to be offended by her vast array of fiery opinions.

There is nothing more British than fish and chips, the Queens’s speech and Brexit, and quite frankly there is no one that oozes red, white and blue cool Britannia from her veins more than Katie Hopkins. Katie represents everything that is great about Britain.

Educated, articulate, patriotic, cultured, and unapologetic of her pride in being British, she stands up for what she believes in, despite political correctness and hypersensitivity. She has described herself as a “conduit for truth” declaring what other people think in the comfort of their own home, but are too scared to say in a public forum. She is the voice of the voiceless and is unrepentant about her provocative views, she’s leading the way against the intolerant left, and for that she is to be admired and bowed down upon.


So despite being a British hero, why is there always something resembling apocalyptic mass hysteria whenever Hopkins opens her gob? Why do grown men tremble in her sheer presence, and why are people so utterly outraged of a mere opinion in a supposedly open-minded and tolerant western society?

Well, to understand the root cause of people’s fear and anxiety over the Hopkins, one would need to understand who Katie actually is and how this English rose blossomed into our very own crown jewel.

Katie studied economics at the University of Exeter and completed military training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. She participated in the Sovereign’s Parade but unfortunately was unable to take up commission due to an epileptic seizure. Katie has also worked as a global brand consultant for the Met Office. So to say this ‘rent-a-gob’ as her critics would like to unpleasantly label her is unqualified and undeserving to voice such profound opinions is clearly just left-wing prejudice based on her critical observer’s inability to digest her quick-witted and intellectual perceptive.

Having first risen to fame as a memorable candidate on BBC reality TV show ‘The Apprentice’ Katie, even during her early days on the small screen showed that she had bigger testicles then most of the men she shared the boardroom with, after telling Lord Alan Sugar a firm and clear “NO!”.

The Irish Post

An appearance on ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’ closely followed, however, it wasn’t until her notorious and now legendary appearance on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ that really made her the icon that she is today. It was on that show in which she left squeaky clean hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby open mouthed and flabbergasted with her view that she judges children by their first names, explaining that forenames represent class and behaviour, to the extent that “no middle-class mother should let their children play with kids called Chardonnay.”

What followed next was a national outcry of angry and disgust as benefit claiming parents and breast-feeding single mum’s took to their Twitter accounts and expressed their annoyance, in 120 characters or less at how someone could have the audacity to judge their precious little ‘Princess’ or ‘Shaniqua’.

But it wasn’t just poorly named children who felt the wrath of the Hopkins. In her crusade against fatties and obesity everywhere, Katie deliberately gained and lost weight over the course of several months, in an attempt to show that obese people can diet successfully. Her progress was carefully documented on her show ‘My Fat Story’ for TLC which had an audience figure of 10 million. Hopkins gained and successfully lost 3 stone (42 lb; 19 kg) over the course of the show, proving that she can put her money where her mouth is (or should that be McDonald’s Big Mac where her mouth is) and demonstrate that fat people are seemingly just lazy lards of blob.


Katie had proved her point, but there was more to come. A stint on Channel 5 ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ showcased a more ‘softer’ side to the hardened and acid tongued Katie Hopkins’ public persona that she had become notoriously known for, and as a result came 2nd place, losing to eventual winner and fellow tabloid favourite and fellow Katie, Katie Price.

Once someone that the British public loved to hate, Katie now had become loved and adored, and even though she originally had difficulty adjusting to the compliments, the British public saw her for who she really was, a passionately opinionated woman who would not back down, despite the barrage of detesters who still had issues with a strong woman with a voice.

Since then, Katie Hopkins has cemented her place as a household name through a string of statements, interviews and newspaper columns. As a result, her name is never far from the headlines, or the social media trending topics. She even acquired her own TV chat show ‘If Katie ruled the world’ in which her and fellow celebrity quests described the ideal world as seen through the eyes and rules of Hopkins.

Just imagine, a world with Katie Hopkins as our glorified leader, it’s almost as glorious as Trump being the supreme leader of the free world.


Racist, Homophobic, xenophobic, fascist, islamophobic, all have been thrown at Katie, left, right and centre, yet she flicks them off with her perfectly manicured nails, because sticks and stones can’t break her bones and labels certainly don’t faze her. Despite the outlandish claims that could be further from the truth, the racist allegations continued to come in full force, where it got to the point of absolute ridiculousness when Katie was called in for questioning by the police following claims she was ‘Inciting racial hatred’ in her much loved yet sadly now defunct Sun newspaper column, in which she compared migrants to “cockroaches.”

Once again the left wing mafia took to Twitter in hordes to express their anger and dismay. Katie was heavily criticised for the piece, with the Metropolitan Police confirming they investigated and questioned Hopkins over the article, but thankfully common sense prevailed and she was not arrested. Apparently the Metropolitan Police had more pressing matters to contend to that day, what with knife and acid crimes on the rise, Iraqi refugees raping children in swimming pools due to ‘sexual emergencies’, and Islamic terrorism spreading onto UK streets and schools, it seems the views of an English tax paying mum were not deemed as ‘criminal’ despite what the left desperately tried to portray.

So what has happened to free speech? Espousing controversial social, political or religious views? Don’t bother, unless you are prepared to have the dazzling array of labels aggressively thrown at you. Of course, free speech is often precisely about pissing off other people, challenging social taboos or political values, but in the western world we now seemingly all have to play along, confirm and be nice to each other/ So much for individuality, eh?

HuffPost UK

Behind the controversial headlines and soundbites, Katie revealed a heart-breaking and painful fear, a fear of dying and leaving her children motherless as she prepared to undergo gruelling brain surgery in a bid to reduce the amount of seizures she suffered due to epilepsy. The mum-of-three underwent a gruelling twelve-hour surgery to have a part of her brain removed. Though in true Katie wit and defiance she took to Twitter soon after the operation to announce to her over 800k followers, that “Even 12 hours in surgery and the removal of part of my brain have not shut me up.”

Yep, Katie definitely had not changed, and we wouldn’t want her to, either.

At the end of the day our Katie isn’t offensive, the words she sprouts are merely just one individual opinion and is speculative, people merely just choose to take offense from what she says to make up for their own shortcomings and insecurities.

She is straight talking, knows her stuff, strong minded, intelligent and is not sorry for simply speaking her mind, and quite frankly why should she be? Katie stands firmly by what comes out of her mouth and appears unfazed to those that simply want to “shut her up” and deprive her of her right to have her say.

The Telegraph

So who is Katie Hopkins? Is she the human incarnation of Marmite? Is she a pantomime baddie? Is she a ruthless, bigoted, racist xenophobe that hates everyone and everything? Or is she just a strongly outspoken woman who chooses to use straight facts over tear jerking emotion?

Katie Hopkins represents everything that is great about Britain. She embodies pride, class, determination which is complete with that distinctive British quirkiness and with her slightly eccentric waving hand movements when expressing her opinions with great passion, she truly is everything great about little England.

She provokes discussion and challenges reformist thinking and at the end of the day, she says the things that everyone else is thinking behind closed doors, but is far too afraid to say. Her balls are bigger than any shifty politician or shady prime minster and quite frankly her honesty is refreshing in a world that tries so hard to be politically correct and halal.

Long live the Queen.


Story By Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Digital Spy

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