Bella Hadid Celebrates 21st Birthday with Spicy Thong Snap for Her Fans

Some people bring in the momentous 21st birthday with celebratory (and now legal) drinks, however, Bella Hadid went one better than just legal drinks, and shared a pretty shameless yet beautiful thong snap for all her fans over Instagram, and the world of social media definitely took notice.

But before we bring you that humongous bit of news, (actually not as big as Kardashian news, which is obviously down to taste (100%) and other factors), let’s see how she dressed for dinner with the Hadid family, shall we?

Now this looks like any other little to long LBD, right? But, you didn’t see the side laces yet, did you? Credit:247PAPSTV/SPALSHNEWS

A wonderful little black dress, or is that a long black dress? Somebody call the Fashion Police to find out please (eye roll), but you can never go wrong with one of those, can you?

But the fun doesn’t stop there, as you can see that at 21-years old, this may just bring out the racier side of Bella Hadid, as this next photo shows.

Quite a nice left sided expose going on there. Here’s to being 21! Credit:JacksonLee/SplashNews

Laced dressed stitching’s are so IN right now! Now for the full frontal, and it’s clear that sister Gigi Hadid wasn’t going to steal her sisters thunder that night, right?

The sisters look effortless in their outfits, wouldn’t you agree? Credit:247PapsTV/SpalshNews

Gigi opted for the sky blue body suit without anything on the shoulders, bringing attention to the neat embroidery on her bosom, instead. But, who wore it better? Who cares? Let’s carry on…

Now for those who didn’t know, (and to be honest, nor did we), Gigi is actually a year older than Bella. SURPRISE! Will the two sisters be seen partying in Las Vegas together now that they’re both over 21-years old? We presume so, and these sisters will be paparazzi fodder well into their mid-thirties at the very least, so let’s hope that they stay on the straight and narrow. Most of the time, anyway.

The sisters went for dinner with parents Yolanda and Mohamed in New York City. It certainly is up for debate of who is the prettier of the two sisters, but never fear – let’s analyse this next photo of Gigi so as not to leave her out completely.

Mangos are expensive in America, because they are imported, here’s Gigi Hadid, by the way. Credit: Mirror

Rest assured, the family had a great celebration for Bella’s birthday, but it really was all about Bella turning 21-years old, and she let that be known over her social media posts on IG. First however, we start with an oldie, but a goodie…

There’s Bella from Gigi’s Instagram feed, in what can only be described as a fancy pyjama, or is it? Credit: BellaHadid/IG

And now, for the show stealing moment and the reason why you all came here, (apart from celebrating Bella Hadid’s birthday), is now upon us. We suppose now at 21-years old, we might be seeing more of this from the American model, and boy howdy, let’s really hope that we do.

They say if you got it, flaunt it! Credit: BellaHadid/IG

Could this be enough to make The Weeknd miss Bella in a special kind of way, or will it just make other celebs and the general public take notice? She chose a very nice thong, mind you, and in this still from an IG video of her birthday, all we can really say is “Wow and happy birthday, Bella”.

So, there you have it! What’s not to like in that epic moment? She’s 21-years old now, and that’s quite the sexy pose to mark the occasion, don’t you think?

What’s next for the Hadid sisters? Could there be a future E! reality show, where they steal the limelight from the Kardashian’s, or will they just continue to model their way into the fashion business as they already have? One thing we can all agree on doing is following them on Instagram to see yet more fun and frolics from the Hadid sisters.

You’ll have to wait till April the 23rd to see what Gigi will post for her birthday… Something to look forward to next year.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Elle UK

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