Eminem Embarrasses Himself at the BET Hip Hop Awards with Anti-Trump Freestyle

What’s happened to Eminem? Do you remember when Eminem used to be relevant? Well, it’s been a few years since then, after many lacklustre songs in recent years, now he’s unfortunately carried this trend on with a cringeworthy acapella rap at the BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher aimed at President Donald Trump. Clearly, he’s had better BET cyphers, hasn’t he?

He seemingly thinks that if he shouts stuff, then that will make him relevant again. Hmmm… First off, this sounds awful and there’s no good wordplay in this supposed freestyle. So, we can only conclude one thing and that is that he’s clearly doing the devils establishment socialist justice warrior work and it even seems like he’s some sort of elder Antifa member or a definitive Soros pawn, but the least he could’ve done was to make it sound a bit better or even be able to rhyme a couple of words, right?

Lyrics from ‘Lose Yourself’, proving that Eminem is a New World Order pawn. Credit: YouTube/FanVideo

Does shouting out loud and sounding like a petulant child in high school detention, give you any rap skill credence these days in Hip Hop? Plus, shouting out things that don’t even rhyme as a grown man, just makes us cringe to no end. Has Eminem been cloned into a leftwing nutcase or has he just picked up a hefty cheque from Satan himself, with his latest penance to the dark underlord? We think it’s both…

And, did Marshall really paint on that facial hair or is it really real? Answers on a postcard please. Now, let’s see this angry sour grapes leftwing diatribe in full motion, shall we? This train wreck of a performance has to be analysed and we will even try to find some good highlights within it, so you don’t even have to. Please watch with earplugs!

“It’s the calm before the storm, right here” he said, just like Donald Trump said days ago, which eerily and most likely references the Antifa plans for a November 4th revolution, as we all know that they’re planning, with all of George Soros’ excessive funding. But, let’s sincerely hope not…

In this shouting freestyle, which doesn’t even rhyme or bring any joy whatsoever, even in its hateful content, there isn’t even one moment where you say to yourself “whoa, that was on point!”

Since this is the exact thing that the left have instructed, where Eminem picks up on all the liberal mass medias lying hysteria about Donald J. Trump, which makes us wonder just how much of CNN has Marshall Mathers been watching this year?

Here he is again, with the all-seeing eye sign of the Establishment, Illuminati and NWO. Credit: Pinterest

Additionally, when did Eminem’s hand gestures, become so off-key and not in rhythm, that he’s looking like someone who just smoked spice? Only joking

“Tormented Hillary for” said Eminem, but let’s be real and say that all her multiple scandals only tormented herself and other people. Please get real, Eminem! Plus, then he backs up John McCain, an old man who continues to block a new healthcare bill, whilst Obamacare continues to literally kill people with its high premiums.

Let’s remind the public that it’s George Soros who is funding the BLM and Antifa hate groups, plus he created the Arab Spring and funds the NGO’s helping the illegal Islamic influx to Europe from North Africa, amongst other places in the Middle East, on part of the Establishment, whom are still so very upset that crooked Hillary Clinton lost the election in America, which is where all the lying content of Eminem’s freestyle is coming from. Donald J. Trump’s election put a fork in the road for the Establishment’s New World Order plans, and everyone knows that. Let’s find out who Eminem is in fact working for, shall we?

Eminem just created his own career suicide with all these leftwing lies, before Antifa and Soros continue to try to blame Trump for their own violence and domestic terrorism, through the funding of the mass media, just like what happened in Las Vegas. A horrible crime, with the aim to push for gun control. Now for more on George Soros, yet again.

Eminem has turned into a divisive man, an Establishment pawn, which he always was, but seemingly he’s been called up to spread more hatred and increase racial divides. Eminem has an estimated net worth of $190 million and he could clearly do more philanthropist work or even choose to let the President do his, instead of spitting out false hatred in the form of teenage rage antics on the Black Entertainment Television channel. Did the false leftwing construct of cultural appropriation, not apply here?

Here’s a funny Instagram video below, which shows the sort of racist ideology that’s spreading across America because of numbskull people on the left, with Soros’ own funding within the educational system in schools and in colleges in the United States of America. So, this is the sort of divisive thing that’s celebrated by George Soros, as seen below, because it breeds divide. Divide and conquer, as they say.

Ridiculous! Plus, as for Eminem, this is very disappointing work from him and we don’t suspect that he will sell, ever again. When was the last time that he had a good Hip Hop or Rap song? Tell us in the comment section below. Surely, it’s been a number of years since then and his old albums may now become irrelevant, as well. So, will the real Slim Shady please stand up. Oh, he just did and it was cringeworthy and vile.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: MissInfo

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