Neck Deep Cancel Nottingham Show Over Feud With Security

Pop punk group Neck Deep cut their show short at Nottingham Rock City on Monday after a physical altercation with security guards broke out.

Neck Deep scrapped their show just two songs in, with vocalist Ben Barlow announcing that “security had fucked it”.

The band were performing when a member of the audience began crowd-surfing. There appeared to be an altercation between Neck Deep and the security guards over this, as seen in the footage taken that night.

Rock City commented on the incident, claiming that the staff did not behave in a disproportionate manner. “It appears that the band took exception to the way the Rock City security were handling fans who were crowd-surfing into the pit and attempting to get on stage.”

“This unfortunately escalated into a physical confrontation between the band and the security staff.”

“Having reviewed the CCTV footage and spoken to witnesses, it doesn’t appear that the security staff were disproportionate in their response.”

“We know how disappointing this has been for the fans who didn’t get to see the band play.”

They also added that they are fully investigating the incident and takes safety “very seriously”.

However, according to fans version of what happened, it’s a totally different story.

After the show was cancelled, Ben Barlow apologised to his fans outside the venue for the sudden cancellation. True loyalty indeed.

“That’s never, ever, ever happened before,” he said. “We never want to call a show off. I’m so sorry that you guys have paid and that’s what happened. I’m really sorry. That’s all I can say. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I want to carry on playing the show. I want to be up there now.”

Ben also told the BBC that the events that took place that night were “regretful and deeply unfortunate”.

“Things rapidly escalated to a point that they should never have gotten to. We believe that violence is never a solution, and that everything that went down could and should have been handled better by all parties. We are so very sorry to anyone who was in any way hurt, upset or inconvenienced last night.”

The band are hoping to reschedule the show, and hopefully it’ll be in a venue without such overblown security.

What are everyone’s thoughts on this incident? Was it simply just security following their job, or just acting barbarous and ruining the fun? While security is majorly important, especially with the horrific incidents that have taken place this year, let fans enjoy the show how they want to enjoy it, just so long as they aren’t hurting anyone. Plus, what’s a good rock show without a little crowd surfing, anyway?


<Story by Emily Clark>

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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