The Do’s and Dont’s of Friday the 13th

Well, it looks like Halloween has almost come early this October, for Friday the 13th is now upon us. On this most unlucky and horror filled day of superstition, what can one expect if we are to believe that this day bares any unlucky elements, if at all? After all, this is real life, so you probably won’t have to worry about a masked killer busting into your house to hack and gore you to death like in the Friday the 13th movies. Speaking of that, there’s a new Jason Voorhees available to unlock in the Friday the 13th Game now, to mark the occasion. If you haven’t already downloaded it, you can now also buy a physical copy of the magnificent game today! Buy it here on PS4, it’s really quite the killer game.

Anyway, Friday the 13th is not just about the famous film franchise, it’s long been associated with being an unlucky day from way back in Biblical times, when Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday and Judas Iscariot was the 13th guest at The Last Supper. Plus, in 1307, Philip IV of France, who commanded hundreds of knights from The Knights Templar, then had them all arrested, tortured, and then burned at the stake on Friday the 13th under the charges of blasphemy and homosexuality.

Burning the Knights Templar knights. Credit: Wikipedia

In Viking Norse mythology, Frigga, the goddess of love and fertility and Odin’s wife, was banished after being accused of being a witch, after the tribes converted to Christianity. The legend goes that on every Friday, Frigga would assemble a team comprised of the devil himself and eleven witches, making 13 of them in total, in order to perform what is now commonly known as a Sabbath, or a Witches Sabbath. These Scandinavians were clearly ahead of their time, eh?

You can probably expect a bunch of witches doing this sort of thing this very evening. Is it safer to stay indoors or not? You decide!

On Friday the 13th, September 1940, the Germans dropped five bombs on Buckingham Palace during the WWII blitz on London.

In June 1952, on Friday the 13th, a Swedish military plane with a crew of eight people vanished after being shot down by the Soviet Air Force, who also shot down two further planes that set out to search for the original plane. The Soviets claimed responsibility for all three downed planes. This became known as the Catalina Affair in the media.

In October 1972, a Uruguayan Air Force flight carrying a Chilean Rugby Union team crashed into the Andes mountains. Again, this happened on Friday the 13th. The survivors were stranded up on the mountain for 72 days, forcing them to eat the dead bodies around them in order to survive, before eventually being rescued. This is of course the basis of the well known book and film ‘Alive‘.

Andes Plane crash survivors in 1972. Credit: TheIndependent

Artist Tupac Shakur also died on Friday the 13th in Las Vegas in 1996. Many still believe that he survived and that he escaped, whilst others mostly do not. Friday the 13th strikes yet again! It’s yet another mystery to add to the others. Rest in Peace, Tupac.

Harvey Weinstein is spending his first day in a rehabilitation facility for accusations of decades of sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood, commencing in Arizona today, which falls on Friday the 13th. Surely, this is no coincidence…

Now, whilst those terrible incidents are only a fraction of the mythology behind the notion of Friday the 13th being an unlucky day, we thought we’d give you an overview of the Do’s and Dont’s of this most Superstitious Day, just to have some fun with this Friday the 13th gimmick, you see?

DO NOT piss of a Black Cat, mkay? That would be bad luck.

Image result for angry black cat gif


DO NOT go camping out in the woods, mkay? You never know if you’ll come back…

Image result for camping gif scary


DO NOT go dress up like a clown, as you’re sure to be killed… Clowns get no sympathy these days, mkay?

Image result for clown gif scary


DO NOT decide to summon spirits with a Ouija board, just because you’re bored this Friday night, mkay?

Image result for ouija board gif


DO NOT take part in a Sabbath with a bunch of Witches out in the woods, mkay?

Image result for witches sabbath gif


DO NOT go Ghost Hunting, mkay? Chances are they might come out tonight, just to say hello.

Image result for ghost hunting gif


DO NOT go and dress up like a total slut, darling, since it’s not Halloween just yet… It’s only Friday the 13th, mkay?

Image result for dress up for halloween gif


DO NOT go beyond this sign if you should so see it, anywhere on your travels, mkay?

Image result for camp crystal lake gif


DO NOT accept any film roles from this man, or any invites from this wo-man, mkay?

Image result for harvey weinstein gif


DO NOT go jogging out by yourself at night in tiny short shorts, mkay?

Image result for friday the 13th gif


DO NOT believe that this man wants a game of Ice or Roller Hockey, mkay? That’s Jason Voorhees!

Image result for friday the 13th gif


Now the best thing you could probably do on the evening of Friday the 13th is to do the following, or something along these lines, in order to pass the time until tomorrow.

DO stay inside and go to sleep like this, perhaps?

Image result for funny go to sleep gif


There you have it! A definitive guide to the Do’s and Dont’s of Friday the 13th. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you or offer some sound advice beforehand. Or y’know, do what you want. Maybe you should just throw caution to the wind and…

Image result for party gif


The choice is ultimately yours on this fun-filled Friday the 13th. No official research exists to actually claim that unlucky or horrific things can happen to you on this most superstitious day of the Gregorian Calendar. So, with all that said, what will you do today? Tell us in the comments section below, please! It could help us decide too.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Live Science

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