Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Ultimatums Uncovered by Various Actresses

Harvey Weinstein of the world-renowned Weinstein Company and former Miramax head, a producer responsible for some of the best films in recent times, (which as we all know is dominating the news right now), has been exposed as a serial sexual abuser. It looks like Harvey Weinstein’s been using his position of power in Hollywood to ask a few people for some “favors”, as well as getting some action in the casting couch department.

Those who have claimed that this is an isolated incident have all but been proven wrong, as countless women and actresses have come forward to tell their stories of their encounters with Harvey in the film industry. There’s so many women speaking out, that it will be difficult to list all the women whom have come forward, with yet more to come to tell their experiences of Mr. Weinstein. Then there’s those celebrities that knew and protected Harvey Weinstein’s actions, because of his clout and power in the film industry. Actresses like Meryl Streep called him a “god” and “the punisher” after picking up an award and she also claimed to not know anything about his sexual harassment and sexual abuse reputation, whilst Ben Affleck has been accused of protecting Harvey Weinstein as well, along with Matt Damon and many other actors and actresses who knew what he was up to (but said nothing), preferring to keep quiet until now.

Meryl Streep is among those who have now spoken out, after also referring to him as “the punisher”. Credit: Variety

Now some say that this is nothing new in Hollywood, as can be evidenced by the effervescent rumours of how director Alfred Hitchcock operated in the film industry, giving film roles and opportunities to actresses in exchange for sexual favours. Another one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets. Jane Fonda has come out and said that this sort of behaviour is rife in Hollywood, and Harvey Weinstein is surely not the only one who operates under these rules of inappropriate sexual advances.

Could Harvey Weinstein’s actions not be that unbelievably shocking after all? Probably, but even so, they are pretty scandalous. This really is one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets.

30 Rock had joked about it in their TV show, plus with Seth Macfarlane who outed Weinstein’s coercion of sexual predatory motives in an awards show appearance, stating in 2012 to a film industry crowd, “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein” which was met with all-knowing laughs, when he presented the nominee ceremony for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards of 2012.

Sometimes one wonders if it would be the same if Harvey was a super attractive man, then would as many women still have come forward? Who knows? Would Harvey Weinstein need to behave in this way if he was more attractive? Of course, they would have still come forward, even if he was attractive or not, but this behaviour is not appropriate in any way, and any woman would be tormented by such actions. Many speculate that Harvey Weinstein had run into financial trouble due to his many pay-offs to the women that he had targeted with his sexual advances over the years. Perhaps him being exposed, could also be something to do with the slump in movie tickets sales in Hollywood, lately? Less money to pay people off means that people are going to start dropping truth bombs to the media. Maybe even for a few spare dollars for themselves. Rumors also suggest that it could’ve been his brother Rob Weinstein, who usually helped out his brother whatever the case. Not this time however, as Rob has come out to call Harvey “a very sick man” after reportedly becoming aware of his actions affecting their film finances.

Ladies, would you honestly be attracted to this with supposed stardom beckoning? Credit: Rolling Stone

Insider information reports that incidents and sexual power structures like these are rife in the entertainment business, so what makes Harvey Weinstein different from any of the others that haven’t yet been exposed? Well, the difference is that Harvey Weinstein has been exposed, after being too flagrant with his casting couch ways for way too long.

Nobody knows the extent of this power based sexual abuse and harassment of women by Harvey Weinstein, and we will probably never know the exact details apart from the ones’ that you can already read about. As to the exact details of his ways, does it even matter? Maybe it does. Harvey Weinstein seemingly preferred to have his meetings with up and coming actresses in his hotel room, wherever he was, in the world. The bravery of the women who have come forward should definitely be commended and applauded, as Weinstein’s actions were a shameful way to operate and it’s putting Hollywood into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, yet again.

Indeed, there seems to be a definitive pattern of the producers’ wishes to meet actresses in his hotel room, with 32 women coming forward so far with stories of sexual harassment and or sexual abuse. Some of these reports talked of him “dressed in a robe” during meetings, masturbating in front of some of the women, asking women to watch him shower, giving him a naked massage, trying to forcibly kiss actresses, dishing out sexual contracts and NDA’s to involve actresses into films, and even paying them off for their silence when things went wrong.

Rose McGowan and Harvey Weinstein. Credit: People

Everything else that you could probably imagine went on, but accounts have said that he had even raped three of the women. Weinstein claims it was consensual, and it may well have been incidents in exchange for future movie opportunities. Or was it? Anyway, regardless of if it was consensual or not, his actions are beyond horrible and disgusting.

Italian actress Asia Argento said that she was coerced and raped by Harvey Weinstein, as well as Rose McGowan, who also said that she was raped. She blamed Ben Affleck over Twitter for protecting Weinstein. The third unnamed female has yet to confirm her identity.

Harvey Weinstein has spoken out to defend himself, stating: “We all make mistakes”. However, Harvey Weinstein had the power to influence success, and many actresses that didn’t comply are said to have had their film careers suffer, or be black balled in the industry as a result of denying Weinstein his sexual gratification. How much of this are we to believe? Well, everything!

A real Pandoras Box has now been opened in the Harvey Weinstein story, so let’s name some of the women who have come forward and that have voiced their stories so far, but first, have a quick listen to this leaked NYPD recording of model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, whom Weinstein said looked a lot like Mila Kunis. This single recording, published by The New Yorker, helped to expose Weinstein’s usual spiel of coercion.

In 1996, Gwyneth Paltrow made a reference to Harvey Weinstein’s methods of coercion on David Letterman, so let’s take a look at that moment, shall we? Gwyneth states that Harvey Weinstein, “will coerce you to do a thing or two”.

Angelina Jolie said she had unwanted sexual advances from Harvey Weinstein at a young age, and thus never worked with him again. She went on to warn other women not to work with him, as well. Reality TV star and presenter Myleene Klass from the United Kingdom said this morning that Harvey presented her with a sex contract over lunch at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010 to “advance her film career”, to which she reportedly told him to “F*ck Off”.

Myleene Klass speaks to Harvey Weinstein in Cannes. Credit: CNN

Oh, and let’s not forget that Harvey Weinstein is close friends with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and that he donated to the Democratic Party coffers on more than one occasion. Barack has yet to say a word about this and it took Hillary Clinton six days to speak out against Harvey Weinstein’s actions in Hollywood. Some feminist, she is! She stated that his donation money to the Democratic Party will instead go to charity.

Actresses Mira Sorvino and Rosanna Arquette said that after rejecting his sexual advances, they basically never worked in Hollywood again, with Weinstein dissuading people from hiring them in various circumstances. French actress Emma De Caunes said that in 2010 at the Cannes Film Festival, he brought her to his hotel room because of a movie role based on a book to be shot in France, but after they went to the room, Harvey took a shower, came out naked with an erection, and told her to lie down on the bed. When she refused, he had said that many other women had willingly done so in the past.

Jessica Barth was asked to give Harvey Weinstein a naked massage. Credit: USA Today

Jessica Barth is another actress who refused Harvey’s advances. At a Golden Globes party in 2011, he requested a naked massage from her after getting her to come to his room. Champagne and sushi was waiting for her on the table, as well. But, Jessica got out of there and fast, but not before Harvey told her to lose weight in order to compete with Mila Kunis. He keeps on bringing her up, over and over again.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for! A list of women who have reportedly suffered sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or inappropriate encounters at the hands of Harvey Weinstein: Ashley Judd, Heather Graham, Cara Del Vigne, Lea Sedoux, Kate Beckinsale, Sophie Dix, Florence Darel, and Claire Forlani. The list stretches on much longer than that, and will surely continue to grow over the coming days.

Emma Watson had been reportedly been “grabbed” by Harvey Weinstein in 2011 in London, which may have been an inappropriate flirty advance, whilst Lindsay Lohan said that “he never did anything to me”.

For more details on some of these incidents, click here. Plus, you can find out yet more details of Harvey’s dirty deeds in this incident article by The New Yorker too.

Harvey Weinstein is now said to have checked into a rehabilitation clinic in Arizona, after being pictured in Scottsdale, eating his last meal before checking into the facility. What will this rehab clinic cure or teach him at this stage, after decades of this casting couch rhetoric in his private meetings?

Credit: TMZ/Backgrid 

Now, let’s get some further insight into the Harvey Weinstein and the Hollywood scandal of power with the help of Paul Thomas Watson and Owen Shroyer at InfoWars.com. It’s an interesting watch, that’s for sure.

Yes, you can be a sexual predator in Hollywood, but to have any conservative views in Hollywood, apparently makes you a racist? Huh? Whut?!

The hypocrisy of the liberal left, the Establishment, and the politics within it is very clear, and truly beyond warped and deluded at this stage. One wonders when Hollywood will revert back to priding themselves in great films, great talents, political tolerance and equality? Instead, they choose to class sexual predators as normal, whilst anyone saying that they like or support Donald Trump is not welcome, and anybody that has pride in the national anthem and the American flag must be a racist too, or who may even express conservative view points in these crazy times, are seemingly not welcome to be apart of Hollywood or the entertainment industry, despite their talents.

The hypocrisy of Hollywood now apparently needs a long overdue enema, in order to cleanse the industry of all their pent up bullshit.

Brainstain, over and out!

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