USA Gymnastics Star McKayla Maroney Reveals Shocking Molestation Story

USA’s Olympic gymnast gold medalist, McKayla Maroney, 21, who won gold and silver at the London Olympics in 2012, and became a recent famous meme for her pout on the podium, has revealed in the MeToo hashtag movement, that she was abused by former USA team doctor Dr. Larry Nassar for a full seven years since the age of thirteen.

Dr. Larry Nassar is currently in prison in Michigan awaiting a sexual assault trial for separate offences, and he was also McKayla’s repeat abuser for all those years, as was revealed by Maroney on her recent Twitter post.

Named and shamed, the disgusting Dr. Larry Nassar would claim that the abuse was part of her gymnastics treatment. He has already been caught for child pornography offences way back in July, plus he is facing a further 125 separate lawsuits of sexual assault charges in the civil courts from other young girls.

Dr. Larry Nassar is going away for a long time, but how about the death penalty? Credit: AP

Nassar, who was an osteopath for the USA gymnastics program for nearly 30 years, started abusing Maroney at her first national team training camp in Texas at age 13. McKayla said, “Dr. Nassar told me that I was receiving “medically necessary treatment that he had been performing on patients for over 30 years”.

Maroney added about Nassar, “It seemed whenever and wherever this man could find the chance, I was treated. It happened in London before my team and I won the gold medal, and it happened before I won my Silver.”

Sickening abuse at another place of high power and high regard, this time in Olympic gymnastics, of all places. All we can say is that we’re glad this pedophile is already headed for some very serious jail time. Plus, one wonders if he shouldn’t also be made legally accountable for these latest accounts of sexual abuse, as well? We think he definitely should be, so as to secure a life sentence, at the very least.

McKayla Maroney pictured at the 2012 Olympics. Credit: GettyImages

The worst abuse she went through was in 2011, aboard a flight to Tokyo for a World Gymnastics Championship. Dr. Larry Nassar gave her a sleeping pill, but then she didn’t wake up until she was in a hotel room in Tokyo, when he was performing another so-called treatment on her. Maroney said about the day, “‘I thought I was going to die that night”.

Nassar is now awaiting sentencing on an unrelated charge of possessing child pornography on November 27th, that the disgraced doctor has already pleaded ‘not guilty’ to.

In late June this year, witnesses testified in court that under the guise of medical treatment, he used his position of power to molest young girls with his fingers, with the prosecutor saying, “He convinced these girls that this was some type of legitimate treatment. Why would they question this gymnastics god?”

That case involves seven girls, with a 16-year old claiming he sexually abused her private parts, even though she had a heel injury. The exact details are too disgusting and too shocking to mention here, and all we can say is that we hope this sick man is put away for life and that he has a horrible time in prison. We sincerely hope that he’s put in a maximum security prison, where all child molesters are guaranteed a horrible and sometimes fatal time, and after that, when he does pass, that he burns in hell!

Maroney’s full statement on Twitter. Credit: mckayla/Twitter

Nassar is accused of fondling young girls between the years of 1996 to 2015, and even plausibly way before that. Plus, Michigan State University is also being sued for his many episodes of sexual abuse accusations, after many of his victims had spoken out about it to them, as early as the year of 1999, but they did absolutely nothing about it. We hope they lose their lawsuits, as well.

The USA gymnastics program said earlier this year that it was, “outraged that a physician would exploit his patients in the manner alleged” and that they have fully co-operated with the FBI, saying Nassar’s actions are “appalling and heartbreaking”.

For even more sickening details of the abuse suffered by other young female athletes at the hands of Larry Nassar, read here, towards the end of that article.

This latest revelation could threaten to have yet more people come forward with pedophilia accusations from the entertainment industry, as well. More power to them, we say. The snowball effect is in full swing now and this won’t be the last story of victims standing up against their abusers and that’s the hope right now, that more will come forward exposing these pedophiles.

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