Kendall Jenner Shares Raunchy Photo on Instagram; Fans Say It’s Photoshopped

With so many pressing issues in the world today, like the recently uncovered Clinton Foundation scandal involving the Russia uranium deal (collusion with Russia), the recent final destruction of ISIS in Raqqa, the many remaining Jihadis still harboured everywhere across Europe (protected by socialist political correctness, thanks EU!), and the Catalonians refusing to clarify even if they declared independence or not (storm in a tea cup), we thank god for Kendall Jenner and her smooth, silky derriere to break up the monotony of daily news here at Brainstain. If not for the little things like this, these crazy modern times would be considered entirely terrible and confusing for all.

Yes, Kendall Jenner is back with another distraction to fill your day with some joy. How does she do it? With a sexy Instagram picture to distract you and to keep your mind focused on some lighter entertainment, of course. However, this time there’s a catch. Fans reacted to this latest photo by claiming that it is, in fact, photoshopped. Wait a minute, but we only thought that Kim, Khloe and Kylie did that?

Let’s take a look at this photo now. Don’t worry, it’s safe for work, see?

Photoshopped or not? Regardless, it’s quite the vision in Baywatch red, don’t you think? Credit: KendallJenner/Instagram

Many people got distracted, but not by the focal point of the photo, (which really has got a nice curve to it), but it’s the apparent curving in the background which got people all stirred up in a big debate on her Instagram. Just take a look for yourself. One person, who is probably going to be Instagram famous after this, started this whole debacle after claiming that the background is “warped”. Oracle_95 certainly has good eyes, don’t they? Then again, maybe it’s just a case of “haters will say it’s photoshopped”?

Credit: KendallJenner/Instagram

The world definitely feels warped at the moment, but is Kendall Jenner’s ass warped too in this very picture? Tell us your opinion in the comments please. We can put in our two cents and say that it’s definitely been touched, perhaps with a brush or something else (wink, wink), but to say that it’s been warped in Photoshop is making quite the big statement, don’t you think? Others weighed in with their views as well.

We see some shape, anybody else see some shape, too? Credit: KendallJenner/Instagram

Is the shape photoshopped, is it her pose, or is it something genetic that she inherited from Bruce Jenner? Either way, we aren’t complaining like all these people on Kendall’s Instagram right now, and nor are these people below.

We agree. Photoshop or not, it is still hot. Credit: KendallJenner/Instagram

Some people, like the comment below, seem to be doing some super sleuthing detective work to try and figure out who’s buttocks is actually being used in the photo. Maybe if they keep looking hard enough, they’ll be able to crack the case and solve this mystery once and for all.

Somebody knows their celebrity buttocks. Credit: KendallJenner/Instagram

She may have increased the skin tone to a sultry brown tan, but with haters saying it’s photoshopped, perhaps it is. Or perhaps it’s not. Who the hell knows? Either way, we encourage Kendall to keep those photos coming.

Speaking of, here’s a couple more sassy and sexy photos of Kendall, just so you don’t focus on one thing all day, mkay?

Now that’s definitely photoshopped and it’s very obvious. Credit: KendallJenner/Instagram 

We’ll throw this in for good measure too; a non-photoshopped evening gown photo of Kendall Jenner at the 2017 Met Gala.

Credit: GettImages

We wish we had some other interesting news for you today, but we needed to bring you back to the world of Kendall Jenner and her Instagram posts, just because. Is it photoshopped or not? The world may never know.

Brainstain, over and out!

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