Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The plot thickens in the case of the Las Vegas Shooting at Mandalay Bay, just as we had expected. Jesus Campos, a survivor of the shooting incident, was booked in to speak on various media networks about the shooting, including Sean Hannity on Fox News, since he was the first responder up on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay that night. However, before he was scheduled to appear on Hannity’s show, Jesus suddenly went missing after the MGM Resort and Casinos had earlier disputed the official released timeline of events of the massacre and the first shots.

Jesus Campos was missing for almost six days before all of a sudden resurfacing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, alongside a Mandalay Bay maintenance engineer named Stephen Schuck. Hmm… Nothing to see here, apart from the appearance that they now want you to see. He may as well have turned up on Sesame Street to answer questions from Big Bird, because that was as deep as Ellen’s questions really went. Why are we not surprised? Here’s how the interview went down.

Jesus Campos went missing after cancelling his other media interviews regarding what he saw on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay. Could he have been coerced or even have been told what to say? Reportedly, Jesus Campos had checked himself into a clinic of some kind and that’s why he was missing… And did you notice how Ellen said, “I know you’ve had so many people asking for you to tell the story and talk about it and I understand your reluctance. You’re talking about it now and you’re not going to talk about it again and I don’t blame you. Why relive it over and over?

Nope, nothing suspicious there. All in all, it’s a fitting close to a lot of debate on the subject, right? Who would question this debated timeline with Jesus Campos’ now said version of events to match it? Even after the MGM had earlier disputed the said claims, after the timeline was initially released? But after all, Jesus is in fact, as Ellen said, “a hero“. Just a hero caught up in the mix of this horrible incident.

Credit: LVPDtimeline

So, why is Ellen the only place for him to share his story? Well, they said he wanted to pick the right time and place for him to address his story and apparently, he chose Ellen’s show out of the all places to speak his mind.

Credit: SeanHannity/Twitter

Case closed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, then? Or is it? Numerous eye witnesses at the Route 91 Festival clearly stated that they heard overlapping automatic gunfire from more than one location, indicating that there was definitely more than one shooter. According to many at the festival who had been interviewed afterwards, there was definitely more than one gunman, with people saying that bullets flew from different directions and angles.

Plus, who can forget the woman at the festival who told people that night in the front row, that they were “all going to die?” Furthermore, a Taxi driver filmed a video on his phone, with gunfire emanating from the Mandalay Bay, but from a much lower floor (perhaps the 4th), so there was definitely a second shooter in that building. The question also is, could there have been shooters at other vantage points?

It’s a mystery. Speaking of mysteries, here’s a couple more for you to also think about. Another witness stated that he heard gunshots right outside the Bellagio Casino, after leaving the Cirque De Soleil “O” at Bellagio that very night, outside the main lobby, which is quite a distance from the Mandalay Bay, one would realise if you’ve ever been to Las Vegas or if you look at this map.

Credit: WRAL

If you look above, there’s also the Tropicana on the other side, as well as The Luxor right beside the Mandalay Bay, but nobody suspects anything from anywhere else, but at the Mandalay Bay.

Additionally, how did Stephen Paddock bring up all those guns and all that ammo up to that one room, all by himself? Plus, we’re continually told to believe it was done by the sole 64-year-old gambling man, who enjoyed video poker and whiskey, and that he had no political or religious stance, whatsoever? No less, he did it all on his own? Think about it… Nobody is convinced and we can’t say that we are, either.

And, how about this video shown down below of two men being escorted out of the Tropicana Casino not long after the shooting was over? It’s a must watch and it’s a very strange piece of footage.

Who were these people? Perhaps they were most likely unrelated to the incident and had nothing to do with the shooting, but it’s an interesting and not widely seen video. Lastly, apart from Jesus Campos’ strange disappearing act, (which may have been his choice), what cannot be denied is the change in tone from early investigations by the LVPD and the dispute with the MGM regarding the official timeline, amongst other mysteries surrounding the Las Vegas massacre at this stage.

Whilst the liberal mass media are now trying to bury the incident, with earlier reports of ISIS claiming the attack, along with some rumours of Antifa paraphernalia found inside the 32nd floor suite, it just really makes you wonder… Is there some sort of cover up that nobody knows about?

Watch this down below as Alex Jones of InfoWars points out some very telling evidence regarding the investigations into the Las Vegas massacre. We mean, does this man from the LVPD not look coerced or controlled? Watch!

So there you have it! Some interesting things are available to everybody out there via the worldwide web if you dig around long enough. We leave it to you to make up your own mind about what happened.

Ellen did a good job handling the interview, as she always does, right? It was a heroic and entertaining segment with a happy ending. Our thoughts are still with all those that passed away and whom suffered horrible injuries at the Festival. Our thoughts are also with their families.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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