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Sometimes there are films that come out, that are so bad. Like, really very bad. We’re talking truly terrible films, with the people making them even knowing just how bad the film will be when they’re completed because they intentionally made the film that way. Sound familiar to you? That sounds like a ton of movies coming out of Hollywood in recent years, doesn’t it? Perhaps, that’s why Hollywood is going through a tough time lately, not to mention with the hysteria of the horrible Harvey Weinstein scandal making matters even worse…

Then there are the kinds of films that don’t take themselves too seriously. This film is one of those, and is directed by Taran Killam of Saturday Night Live. Yes, ‘Killing Gunther’ is a sort of new genre of completely sh*t comedy action entertainment, but all the while, it’s knowingly intentionally crap and somehow on a day like today, we’d probably rather watch this total junk with a few laughs instead of investing time into a film that claims to be good, and then you just have to turn it off after two minutes because it’s too damn awful.

Ever watch a movie that made you want to do this? Credit: YouTube

Killing Gunther has been officially released in cinemas today, and while we don’t recommend that you go out and watch it in cinemas, this could be a whole new genre of movies of the future, where the film makes fun of itself, before it even begins.

That’s definitely better than any film with Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds in recent years, like The Hitman’s Bodyguard for example. Not counting Deadpool, of course. Hmm… Is sh*t entertainment making an honest beeline into the film industry? Let’s see this crap now.

So, could this be the perennial shift in future filmmaking? Where the films are intentionally bad, and they just make no excuses for it? Imagine a future where Hollywood is a parody film paradise, where you know what to expect and therefore, you’ll never be disappointed, because ultimately it’s meant to be totally crap.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this SNL inspired action comedy film, and we’d like him a lot more, if he really promised that he wouldn’t make anymore Terminator films and if he also didn’t express his clear jealousy when Donald J. Trump became the President. He’s pretty much a likeable guy despite those things. Arnold knows a crap film when he sees one, and he had no hesitation to star in this one.

Could this film be in line for the next Golden Raspberry Awards? If they pick up a Razzie, they can celebrate a job well done.

This is an ideal film for you to wait to be released on DVD or demand, and then just play it in the background while you check stuff out on your iPhone, instead. You can thank us later.


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