Blackout Drunk Ex-Pat Brit Has A Rude Awakening in Taiwan

Anyone remember the film Hangover II when the Wolf Pack travelled to Bangkok for Stu’s wedding? If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know full well that the party got a bit out of hand, (like last time), and everybody wake up the next morning remembering nothing from the night before, which led Stu to find out that he got a Mike Tyson style tribal tattoo on his face.

That’s what happens when you drink copious amounts of alcohol, black out, then proceed to do stupid stuff like get tattoos and god knows what on your body. It’s almost as if some evil spirit possessed you in your drunken state, and the names of those demons or spirits are usually called whiskey and or vodka. Cue the hangover and regret.

Let’s see that classic scene now, which lead us into our main story about what recently happened over the weekend to an Ex-Pat named “Paul”, while he was in Taiwan of all places.

Now for the epic reveal of horrible drunken proportions, here’s Paul, a British Ex-Pat living in Taiwan, who in a moment of sheer drunken madness, decided to profess his love for Taiwan in his belligerent state, by tattooing it on his face, complete with the flag as well for good measure.

Paul woke up to find this on his face and his wife wasn’t very happy at all. Credit:AsiaWire

Yes, the Chinese looking characters on his forehead spell “Tai” and “Wan”, plus on his chin, there’s the independent flag of Taiwan. How’s that for being patriotic and showing your love for a country, eh?

Paul, 32, has been living in the country for more than a decade. Obviously, Paul regrets his decision, but the tattoo artist is now stuck for ideas of how to change the tattoo. Said tattoo artist, a man named Wei, has also been criticised for a lack of professionalism and lack of good conduct in doing the tattoos on Paul’s face.

Paul, who owns a bar in Kaohsiung with his wife of thirteen years, was said to be speaking coherently when he said he wanted them done. Wei said, “Though reeking of alcohol, the man spoke clearly and answered my questions without ambiguity. We discussed where he wanted to place the two characters before I asked him again, ‘Do you really want to tattoo it on your face?’ He insisted that was what he wanted”.

Definitely a rough weekend that he won’t forget now. Credit: Metro

After two hours in the chair, the horrible work had been done. For Paul’s sake, we sincerely hope that there’s some sort of tattoo removal magician some place near that might be able to help him out.

His wife is furious, and he said he was so drunk that he didn’t know what he was doing, which is quite clear, judging by the work he got done on his face. Paul told reporters in Mandarin that he supports Taiwanese independence and that the country does not belong to China nor the Republic of China. Paul also added, “I’m stupid, I love Taiwan. That’s why I did this.”

The tattoo artist Wei said that Paul told him, “I love Taiwan. Tattoo it on my face.”

Wei even stated that Paul was so happy with the result that he immediately uploaded photos of the new work onto his social media accounts, right after the tattoo was inked into his face for good.

Well, there you have it! So, if you felt like you had a bad weekend, imagine poor Paul who even did this to himself. This is a humorous yet stern reminder to everyone to never get a tattoo, especially when you’re drunk.

And, how was your week?

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