‘Hidden Agenda’ Released on PS4 – What Can We Expect?

Now for some more gaming news. “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” as they say, and with that in mind, this week there’s a new innovative game coming out, called ‘Hidden Agenda‘, exclusive to the Sony Playstation 4. The game is an action crime thriller adventure game that focuses on a third person perspective. You can play as homicide detective Becky Marnie or district attorney Felicity Graves, whom are both involved in the case of the notorious serial killer, called “The Trapper”.

This game is somewhat similar to the video game Until Dawn which happens to also be made by Supermassive Games. The only real difference between the two aside from being completely different stories, is that in Hidden Agenda, you are more or less watching and controlling an interactive story (with multiple people if need be) rather than your typical video game. How is that so? Keep reading and we’ll go into further detail on it.

This new game features quick time events that determine the outcome of the story, (i.e. your story that you make with your actions), as you play the game. Sounds pretty neat, right? With each decision that you make, it will change the game’s story path dramatically as a result. This means you will need to make some tough calls and decide what to do in any given situation, even if that means choosing between the death or survival for any characters within your story.

Again, how is all of this possible, and how can that be done when you have multiplayer mode to consider as well? Simple! With the added PlayLink feature within the game, other players may join the game and vote for certain outcome options, making it not only a one player game, but a game that can be joined by up to five players. These other players can join in and vote on decisions by Android or iOS smartphones, creating a group atmosphere as you all enjoy the breathtaking cinematic graphics of this dark story. Sound confusing?

Here, watch the trailer to get an explanation from the game devs themselves, as well as a sneak peek at this game set to release in the USA on the 24th of October, and on the 25th of October in Europe.

This neat PlayLink feature, when other players actually join in with it, you may each be prompted a little “secret mission” by the game, which you will be encouraged to complete in a set amount of time. These secret objectives, or “Hidden Agenda’s” as they are called, are intended to create conflict between players as one or more of them can try to prevent the other players from achieving their own goals. Hence the name, Hidden Agenda.

The game developers, Supermassive Games, using Unreal Engine 4 to develop the game, which was developed by Epic Games, which was first showcased in 1998 in the 1st person arena shoot ’em up game Unreal. This video game engine has gone onto win the Guinness World Record for “most successful video game engine”.

With that in mind, you know that the game will be of the highest quality, yet be at an affordable price too, not to mention an immersive gaming experience that won it the Game Critics Award for Best Family/Social Game Award in 2017.

So, whether you play as single player or multiplayer, the quest to take down “The Trapper” will be your ultimate mission. It’s a crime thriller game, with you making the all big decisions to influence the outcome of your own unique gaming experience with fast paced quick time events that creep up on you in order to create extra suspense on your journey. If all that sounds fun to you, then this is definitely the game that you’ve been waiting for. ‘Hidden Agenda’ is out midweek ONLY on Playstation 4, and it’s certain to satisfy all you budding detective and crime solving gamers out there who prefer a more cinematic and interactive gaming experience.


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