Idenititarian Activists Place Anti-Islamisation Banner on Westminster Bridge

On Monday morning in London at Westminster Bridge, identitarian English activists unveiled a large banner with an anti-Islamisation message facing directly at the Houses of Parliament. Their message is definitely on the minds of many English people, and on the minds of residents in the United Kingdom, but the difference is this activist group let it be known that it’s a major concern, and should be seen as a demand from the English voting public within regard to the Islamisation of London and the UK.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan who says that “terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city”, has been heavily criticised for his comments, before a spring of terror attacks were unleashed on the UK this year, causing much anger to many people across the land.

The scene at Westminster Bridge on Monday, draped over the very bridge, which saw March 22nd’s horrible terror attack on London in 2017. ¬†Credit: Breitbart

As seen above, the lambda symbol next to the words, “Defend London. Stop Islamisation” is the latest in a series of logical reactions across Europe, amidst the mass migration crisis which has affected so many nations, such as Sweden, Germany and even England. Tony Blair’s labour party stance of old has allowed Islam to seemingly take over whole towns and cities.

Yes, the days of Islamic No-Go Zones are here to stay, and are now very present in a lot of major city’s across Europe, especially Sweden and Germany. Only Eastern European nations have dared to stand apart from the moronic socialist positioning of the European Union when it comes to the influx of unassimilated Muslim migrants. One thing London needs less of is socialist Labour leaders who are blind to the reality of the situation, and are pushing for political correctness instead.

The Westminster Bridge terror attack in an info map. Credit: NYDailyNews

The activists posted on their social media page, to go along with the banner over Westminster Bridge: “On March 22nd, 2017, a terrorist attack took place on Westminster Bridge. The Islamist attack killed 5 people and injured more than 50. London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, believes that the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city”. On the contrary, we think the source of Islamisation lies in mass immigration, which must be stopped”.

With women being raped across Europe, along with domestic Muslim child sex rings across Britain, terror attacks, acid attacks, and other horrible consequences of this mass migration without assimilation into the culture of which they now reside, one wonders when socialist Labour party leaders will stand up and say that they got it wrong.

Oh wait, they already have. So thanks very much, Tony Blair… In order to not make it any worse than it already is, this activist group voiced their opinion in this way on Westminster Bridge, and the thing is, it’s that many people feel in this way too, and agree with this sentiment entirely.

Sadiq Khan would rather spend financial resources on policing Twitter for so-called un-Islamic rhetoric, rather than catching known ISIS fighters and halting the flow of domestic terror threats to the city of London. That makes you start to wonder what’s really on the agenda here. Let’s watch Paul Thomas Watson’s take on Sadiq Khan…

Now that Donald J. Trump has all but eliminated ISIS in Raqqa and Syria, the question now is where will all the British passport holding ISIS fighters go now? A minister said two days ago, that the best thing would be not to let them back into the country. Sounds pretty logical, right? Just don’t let them back into the country.

The majority of the United Kingdom will now await the new strategy of Sadiq Khan for terrorism prevention and just how to deal with any returning ISIS fighters, rather than how to tax old cars for gas emissions for instance. Plus, what’s wrong with moderate Muslims? Sadiq Khan has called them Uncle Tom’s, a viewpoint of his which we stringently oppose. Talk about a real conflict of interest with him as Mayor, when he says things like that…


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