Super Mario Odyssey Released on Nintendo Switch

The prodigal papa plumber of Nintendo, Super Mario, has just had his new game released! That’s right, it’s Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch, and all Nintendo fans are beyond excited. Even saying that much is an understatement, since it sees the much awaited return to the 3D Mario adventures that we have all come to love through the ages of gaming on Nintendo since the mid 90’s. Reviewers everywhere have been awarding this game PERFECT SCORES out of ten, claiming it to be the best thing since Zelda: Breath of The Wild. This game is just purely so much fun. To us, it feels like it fuses the 3D world of the famous classic Nintendo 64 release, but has 2017 graphics, which encompasses much of the game, but occasionally throws you a bit of fun nostalgia in the form of 2D platformer sections similar to the many Mario games that have come before it.

There’s definitive elements of Homage throughout the game of games gone passed, but this new game has already been described as “Flat Out Fun” and with so many interesting and unique kingdoms for Mario to run around in and explore, who are we to disagree?

Let’s now get a full sense of the new game released today with a comprehensive IGN game review, shall we?

How’s that for a generational masterpiece? In order for you to not get all excited for nothing, let’s touch on the ground base of the game, which is yet again, Super Mario’s mission of rescuing Princess Peach from the menacing clutches of his arch nemesis Bowser. Tagging along for the ride on his own rescue mission is Mario’s new hat shaped companion, Cappy, who allows Mario to brandish a new super power known as the “cap-ture” ability. With this ability, Mario can throw his cap at various enemies and objects scattered around the kingdoms, and take direct control of them and their various unique abilities. This objective is a return to staying “true to form” to previous 3D Mario games before it, (collecting Power Moons in order to pilot a spaceship around the world this time rather than collecting Power Stars or Shine Sprites, mind you), so whilst that’s nothing new, we now bring you the first 20 minutes of gameplay to wet your appetite of what’s in store for you once you first kick the game into gear.

A colourful and adventurous game awaits you, and if you have a Nintendo Switch in your home, this latest Super Mario game is a must have in your Nintendo game collection, promising hours of good old fashioned, coin gathering, enemy capturing fun. There’s lots of jumping around to do, plus there’s endearing storyline of Mario’s quest to rescue his princess too, if you care about that sort of thing.

So, what are you waiting? Click the Amazon link below, and get that Super Mario Odyssey delivered straight to your door right away! If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch yet, click that link below instead, because Nintendo are releasing a special bundle pack which includes a Nintendo Switch, along with a Super Mario Odyssey download code, a carrying case, and specially colored joycon controllers. You can thank us later! Happy gaming!


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