Why It’s Better To Be Closed Minded

We live in a culture that is all about complete and utter open-mindedness. A flowery green field politically correct society that urges us to keep an open mind and an open heart on everything from illegal immigrants crossing the border on flimsy life rafts, to which sequin-clad BBC news reporter to vote and see waltz off on Strictly Come Dancing.

Being open-minded is so lovely; it’s like tenderly skipping on pink fluffy clouds in the sky while Disney songs play on loop performed by a non-binary transsexual orchestra wearing non-cultural appropriating sparkling rainbow suits that somewhat resembles the teletubbies on steroids.

But despite this belief that Jesus will be resurrected and sprinkle us with his holy water if we keep an open mind and love our illegal Romanian next door neighbour, what exactly is so wrong with being firmly fixed with a notion or opinion? Absolutely nothing, that is what.

Regardless of what Buzzfeed will try and tell you in another one of their totally non-racist and non-patronizing top 10 list articles, there is nothing wrong with being closed minded. In fact, being closed minded can be a lot more beneficial and productive and actually open you up to a world of unlimited possibilities and opportunities.


The older a person becomes, it’s more likely the more closed minded they are. Whatever it be their political views, favourite food or whom their favourite Spice Girl is, their views are stern and held by years’ worth of life experiences and miserable bad first dates.

Any non-member of generation X, Y and disabled and one legged-gender fluid pansexual knows exactly what they like and also what they loathe. They have not been socially conditioned in believing it is acceptable for heterosexual men and women to share toilet cubicles or that there is an exclusive 3rd gender found somewhere in between a penis and vagina.

Call it the journey of life, but after the 1000th time travelling on the London underground, you too would be a hateful misanthrope who wholeheartedly dislikes humankind and avoids human society at all costs. Your mind is made up and is perfectly etched in opinions, points of views and general discussion points. This is part of your individuality and your generic make-up and ultimately what makes you… you.

Based on your life experiences you know precisely what you want and what you don’t want and as a result, you are able to make better and more effective decisions that benefit you. Being closed minded allows adapting a fixed tone and forges an identity. You won’t find any wishy-washy, on the picket-white fence people pleasing here. Your opinions are bound to cause something resembling a post-apocalyptic wasteland for those that are easily offended and non-tolerant of views that differ from their own, and that’s perfectly ok, in fact, its mandatory if you want to be an authentic human being living an authentic existence in which you are true to yourself.


It’s not always bad to be closed minded, despite what raging feminists or labour supporters will scream at you with blood soaked eyes and venomous salvia dripping from their mouth. In fact, when it comes to the topic of political debate, the first person who says “you’re just being closed minded” isn’t automatically the winner; they may just have run out of facts or are not being entirely honest to themselves for fear of offending anyone within close proximity, that is not a Donald Trump supporter.

Being closed minded equals facts, it equals being certain when others around you are just unsure. Opened minded people tend to see the world and people around them through vegan rose tinted colours, everything is wonderful and everyone is pleasantly lovely. Opened minded people tend to put themselves on some sort of noble pedestal, looking down upon closed minded people with disregard and intolerance. Yet, in an ironic twist, opened minded people are themselves closed minded for the unwillingness to accept the mind of closed minded people, who ultimately have a fixed opinion or view and are comfortable in what they believe in.

The pressure to conform and the pressure to be just like them can be tiresome to say the very least. “You should learn to be more open minded” they will screech and preach from the top of their lungs when in reality, just because you don’t share their view or opinion you are made to feel inferior.

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Closed minded people are a lot more realistic and aware of their social surroundings and a lot more logical in their thinking. The other prospective is not normally the best prospective, on the contrary, it is normally the weakest.

Being closed minded allows the ability to make quick and more logically based decisions that benefit the user of said closed minds. In a landscape that is a quick swipe to the left of being completely disregarded and forgotten about, most people do not have time to sit around contemplating whether they like something or not. Being closed minded allows the ability to quickly filter people, situations and scenarios based on their closed mind to disregard them or not.

People tend to see closed minded people as simply stubborn and lacking the ability to see other options other than their own, however, what you will find is that most of these closed minded people have ventured and batted for the other team and quite frankly don’t like them.

Being open minded only tends to benefit others and it certainly does not benefit the person with the fixed notion and point of view, and that is one thing you can be utterly sure of.


Story By Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Love Limes

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