The Most Scary Costume Ideas for Halloween 2017

Today is Halloween, October 31st, 2017, a traditional day of the liturgical year with pagan roots, when we are said to historically observe and remember the dead, including saints, martyrs, and all the faithfully departed of this world. Instead, everyone dresses up in strange and scary outfits, knocking on people’s doors begging for candy, which is the innocent version of what really goes on, which is lots of debauchery that most people would’ve already taken part in during this past weekend. Anyway, staying true to form, we have to write something about Halloween today, for it is October 31st after all.

We thought we’d recollect our thoughts of 2017 as a whole, and then pin point the most inappropriate outfit ideas you can dress up as for this Halloween holiday. So without further ado, let’s get going with some light inappropriate entertainment and stellar ideas for what to wear and who to be this year… You can thank us later.

Why not go as a Russian Hacker from the fake news CNN narrative of how Russians swayed the 2016 election? Haha! Yeah right!

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Too easy for you? How about this instead? With so much sickening pedophilia claims in the entertainment news as of late, with yet more to be unearthed, you could go as Stephen King’s IT. You know, that clown that terrorizes and eats children? Surely there’s no coincidental link between King’s novel and reality though.

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With so many covered up scandals being rife these days on the liberal left side, if you ever wanted to be somebody completely scandalous and criminal, you’d think to be the Joker, right? Wrong! In 2017, it’s all well and clear that the most evil person alive is in fact, Hillary Clinton, so wear any orange jumpsuit, dye your hair blonde, and pray that one day they just lock her up already.

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Forget feminism, forget dying your hair purple for just one moment, and forget not shaving your armpits, showering for a week, and not shaving your legs, just because of… you know? Men! Just be Wonder Woman instead; a true beacon of female empowerment. Doesn’t she just look so good doing all that without shaming all of femininity in the process? Be somebody who can do both.

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If that doesn’t tickle your fancy either, how about going as the most vile and disgusting people on the earth? Yes, go as an Antifa fascist Nazi liberal, who yells and is violent all day without a kosher education. Just because they’re paid by the hour and have no brain to speak of… Disguising themselves as liberals, whilst really being the modern-day definition of a complete and utter moron who needs to be eradicated from planet Earth. As they say, liberalism is a mental disorder, and Antifa are the proof. However, if you decide to dress up as an Antifa hoodlum, you can expect this to happen at any moment, if not worse. Don’t say that you haven’t been warned.

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Or how about this? Why not go as an Islamic migrant? Just walk around talking about pushing Sharia Law on everyone else, including making child brides part of Christian law. That’ll really creep people out. Heck, it’s already happened in countries like Germany and Sweden, making it okay for Islamic men to marry children. That’s not overly sick, at all, right?

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Why not go as everyone’s favourite globalist puppet of Europe? That’s right! Why not dress up as Miss Angela Merkel? No matter if you’re a man or woman, you can pull this off with ease. All you need is some ginger in your hair, keep it short, wear another shoulder padded woman’s blazer, and you can walk the streets as one of the most detrimental people that Europe has ever seen.

Image result for angela merkel evil gif


Keeping in line with this theme of terrible people, you can also go as Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood’s most powerful sexual predator of all time. Over 80 accusers have come forward so so far, eclipsing Bill Cosby of all people, possibly. Nobody has conquered so much using sexual harassment power as Harvey has. People seeing you will surely turn right around and high tail it out of there! Actually, they might just call the police on you, so maybe don’t do this idea.

Image result for harvey weinstein gif


Why not go as an upper echelon member of the Illuminati? You might just end up at some devilish sex party tonight, just by off-chance. It’s worth a go, isn’t it?

Image result for eyes wide shut gif


Lastly, if none of those ideas were good enough for you, you could try going as George Clooney. A man that loves the moral high ground, lecturing us about Syrian refugees, rubbing shoulders with Globalist puppet politicians pushing their backwards agenda, yet abandons his mansion in Sonning-on-Thames, citing that it just isn’t safe anymore. Not to mention selling his Lake Como mansion once African migrants arrived on his doorstep. Then he claimed to not know anything about the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal. If you decide to walk the streets looking like this much ridiculed Hollywood star, know that you can just walk around, be as smug as you like, and pretend that you know what’s best for everything and everyone, even though you’re just lying half the time because you’re a well known establishment pawn.

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So, there you have it! Some of the most inappropriate and down right worst things you can go as for Halloween this year, just in case you were stuck for ideas.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: The Indian Express

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