Selena Gomez & The Weeknd Break Up! Is Justin Bieber Back In Play?

Over the weekend, we happened to brush past the E! channel. Yeah, we know… but we had a hangover, and there was nothing else on. E! were somehow subliminally conditioning people for the return of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber as a couple, by saying that The Weeknd supported Selena Gomez in talking and spending time with Justin Bieber, because he thought that that’s good for her and he really “doesn’t care” whilst he’s away on tour. Very liberal those Canadians, eh?

Less than 24 hours later, Selena Gomez was already seen (and photographed) by paparazzi hanging out in Justin Bieber’s rented mansion, as well as going out for a coffee date with Justin. That’s when the rumour mill really started to spin. Since then, one began to really wonder how this would sit with The Weeknd who’s been off on tour this entire time. Selena Gomez recently had an NBC exclusive interview alongside her best friend and life saver, Francia Rasia, speaking about her kidney transplant after her battle with Lupus. A lot has been happening for her over this past weekend, huh?

Francia Rasia and Selena Gomez in the NBC exclusive kidney transplant interview. Credit: Today

Not long after, Justin Bieber was shocked to know how the paparazzi knew that Selena Gomez was inside his house, and then came the announcement that The Weeknd and Selena Gomez had already split up after just 10 m0nths together. It seems the whirlwind romance wasn’t all that it seemed to be, especially since Selena had been away filming a new movie in New York while The Weeknd has been off on tour since late September.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez having some Sunday coffee in LA. Credit: TMZ/Mega

Uber fans of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are now very excited indeed, as the two love birds might just be set to get back together, even if Selena Gomez’s family aren’t too keen on her getting back with Justin after they deemed his lack of care during her battle with Lupus to be something which epitomised his character. But, some reports suggest he wasn’t aware of the seriousness until learning of her surgery. Furthermore, Justin had long been sort of heartbroken since his favourite girlfriend of years passed got together with The Weeknd. Additionally, another excited person at this news, will be Bella Hadid, who most likely misses her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd.

The Weeknd & Bella Hadid, as they were. Credit: BellaHadid/IG

Just like the rest of us, even celebrities sometimes just want to get back together with one another after seeing other people for a while. The real question is, will it last this time? Justin Bieber is reportedly eager to convince Selena Gomez that he’s a changed man, whilst The Weeknd didn’t seem phased as he uploaded this picture whilst away on tour in Toronto.

Plenty of other fish in the sea, as they say and it seems like The Weeknd is aware of just that. Credit: TheWeeknd/IG

The Weeknd hasn’t commented on the split, but we can probably expect Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber back together all over the place. One wonders if it counts as a rebound, or does it simply mean that they’re each other’s lobster, after all? Here’s that very important photo from Sunday at Bieber’s house, showing Selena and Justin getting close in his living room.

The photo which had everyone surprised that Selena would still be dating The Weeknd, with Selena getting close to Bieber inside his house just this Sunday. Credit: JulianoX17Online

So, will The Weeknd get back with Bella Hadid now, after being apart for months? The thing that’s been curious to us about the whole thing is how E! reported that Justin and Selena had always been in contact with one another, and that The Weeknd didn’t mind them pursuing their friendship, but that’s probably fake news in the celeb world, as just hours later, the split was announced, and Justin was caught by paparazzi reporters saying, “No! How did you know?” as if surprised and unaware that Selena was seen inside his house… Were they trying to keep it under wraps until they could really work it out? Seemingly so, but now that it’s all out in the open, one can conclude that Selena and The Weeknd had already split, and that led her back to Justin Bieber very quickly.

Now, whilst it’s our job to cover the big celebrity stories, one thing that this story indicates is that just sometimes, like the old “cheesy” saying goes:

Credit: brainyquote

Now to really make you all soft inside and almost make your cry, we throw a GIF at you, to reiterate the point of true love once again. When people get back together, hopefully this time they’ll learn from their past mistakes and make it better the second time around. No more nagging and bitching at each other just a couple of years down the line. Though then again, humans aren’t perfect beings…

Image result for if you love something let it free gif

Credit: Bustle

Who said true love and romance is dead? Could Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez be the ultimate young celebrity proof that true love still even exists in the entertainment industry today?


Brainstain, over and out!

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