Apple’s iPhone X Is Officially Released; Sells Out on Launch Day

Thousands of people around the world have been lining up outside Apple stores since early this week in order to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone X. Apple fans took to the streets, lining up in New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong and even Tokyo, all just to be the first people in their area to get their hands on the iPhone X.

Some people would consider this absolute madness, whilst the one’s queuing up for the device obviously consider it to be essential. Why else would they do it?

Yes, the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone bestowed us all with the iPhone X (10) on November 3rd, and consumer hysteria grips many people yet again. Well, especially the one’s that are willing to queue up like insane people in order to get their hands on the latest iPhone before it sells out, only for more stock to arrive a little later on. We love Apple too, but now with the facial recognition technology (a step too far, unless you Snapchat) and with those animated emojis, we might just wait a little while…

That being said, the iPhone X is a great new device, and Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC on Thursday that iPhone X is “off to a very strong start” from an order perspective, and judging by the queue’s around the world, it’s almost guaranteed that all iPhone X’s will be sold out on launch day. If you’re not already in line, then you’ll have to wait till that new stock shipment comes in.

A man lines up for a couple of days in Manhattan, New York, complete with a blow up mattress, before launch day. Credit: SplashNews

Yes, these people in New York were not going to let long queue’s or the high price tag stop them from being the first to get an iPhone X at launch day.

The first person said to get a hold of the new iPhone X in New York. Credit: WallStreetJournal

Similar scenes in London at the Apple Store in Regent Street, where some people had queued up since Monday and Tuesday, so that they could be the first buyers come midnight.

Here’s the line wrapped around the Apple Store in Regent Street, London. Credit: CNBC

Half way across the world in Singapore, yet more similar scenes from Orchard Road, where a hefty amusement park style line formed with people from Thailand and all over Asia flying in, just to purchase an iPhone X.

That’s quite a line of devoted iPhone fans, patiently waiting whilst most are on their phones. Credit: CNBC

In Tokyo, Japan, more than 500 people queued up before Friday, plus in Hong Kong, there was more of the same, but re-sellers had a hard time getting the prices they wanted for the latest Apple smart phone, given other Chinese models of Smart phones being readily available. In San Francisco, unsurprisingly, a fight broke out over who was actually first in line at the Apple Store. Maybe they were just Antifa thugs that were needing a new iPhone X, perhaps? Nah.

In Sydney, Australia, more than 450 people queued up to be some of the first in the world to get their hands on the new iPhone.

In Sydney, three guys seemingly very happy about their iPhone X purchases. Credit: TheAustralian

So there you have it! If you weren’t in line, or you didn’t pre-order your phone months ago, you’re unlikely to be able to animate your emojis or even have your face stored on a facial recognition server, until you get your hands on one a little later on now.

In the USA, the 256GB model will set you back $1,149.00, whilst in the UK you’ll pay £1,149.00 for the 256GB model, which is considerably a lot more money. In Singapore, you’ll pay $1,888.00 for the top of the line of the X range. This gives you a good guide in pricing, and as it happens, in America and Singapore, your iPhone X is way cheaper than ever buying one in the United Kingdom.

Happy iPhoning to whoever was lucky (and rich enough) to get their hands on one. We can hardly wait to see a barrage of animated emojis now in our lives and plastered all over social media. The countdown begins.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Metro US

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