Corey Feldman Names Two Pedophiles / Kevin Spacey Accused Of Raping 14 Year Old Boy

Corey Feldman has now named and shamed some of the sexual predators and pedophiles in Hollywood, mainly child talent manager Marty Weiss, and bit part actor Jon Grissom, who both abused him as well as with Corey Haim.

Corey Feldman started an Indiegogo funding page late last month, requesting $10,000,000 in order to produce a feature film exposing the darkest secrets of Hollywood, plus a little cash for himself in order to pay for his own security. The film will be independently produced and directed by him. Some people thought that this would be a documentary film, but Corey Feldman has since made it clear that this is to be intended as a feature film, which would divulge the whole story of Hollywood’s serious pedophile problems, as he experienced it first hand. Here’s a bit from Corey Feldman on The Dr. Oz Show, wherein eventually, Corey Feldman named the names of two of his sexual abusers.

Dr. Oz later found Jon Grissom to already have one charge of child molestation (but now lives in Mexico), whilst child talent manager Marty Weiss, who still works in Hollywood, has already been arrested and charged for sexual abuse of a minor in 2011.

Corey Feldman told Dr. Oz that he had told the Santa Barbara Police Department about his abusers in 1993. They questioned him about just who his sexual abusers were, but they said it was not in their jurisdiction to investigate it. Dr. Oz later listened to Corey Feldman’s audio recording with the Police and he said that the names were not on the tape recording. Feldman insisted that the Police had turned off the recording when he had mentioned the names to the Police.

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim as teenagers. Credit: E!online

This was also believed by Dr. Oz, and so he convinced Corey Feldman to name his abusers to the LAPD, which he has now done. Jon Grissom, who now resides in Mexico after being convicted of child molestation, only starred in the two films: ‘License to Drive’ with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, and ‘Dream A Little Dream’. Strangely, these are his only acting credits. However, Marty Weiss, the child talent manager, has been working in Hollywood for a very long time, and was even exposed in the 2014 film by Amy Berg, ‘An Open Secret’, about his misdeeds. We must reiterate that it really is a must watch documentary film.

Meanwhile, in the latest news of pedophilia in the Entertainment industry, actor Kevin Spacey has been accused of raping a 14 year old boy back when he was 24 years old. This comes just days after Broadway and screen actor Anthony Rapp accused Mr. Spacey of sexually harassing him in his NYC apartment in 1986, back when he himself was only 14 years old, but managed to escape his advances.

These latest allegations come from an anonymous 14 year old boy in an exclusive interview with Vulture, which have been strongly denied by Kevin Spacey’s lawyer. However, the published interview from yesterday puts more scrutiny on Kevin Spacey, with the accuser calling him out and stating quite clearly: “He is a pedophile”.

Kevin Spacey pictured in 1986, on the set of the film, ‘Heartburn’. Credit: ParamountPictures

Kevin Spacey’s legal team released this statement: “‘Mr. Spacey absolutely denies the allegations”.

The hit show ‘House of Cards’ has already had it’s next season cancelled by Netflix amidst these allegations, and with the CAA agency and his publicist Staci Wolfe already parting ways with him, is there any way back for Kevin Spacey? This is a very graphic interview, which reveals that the accuser met Kevin Spacey when he was only 12-years old at an acting camp, before them allegedly having sex when he was 14 years old.

You can read the interview in full from Vulture, but we must forewarn you of graphic and disturbing content in the candid interview. One wonders who this accuser is, and if he will ever reveal himself? What is curious, and what makes it even more believable, is the attention to detail from the anonymous source, stating the name of Kevin Spacey’s pet dog, amongst other things, as well as Spacey’s close friendship with Jennifer Jason Leigh.


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