Chelsea Handler Suffers Major Backlash for Political Tweet About Texas Mass Shooting

Well, well, well… It didn’t take long for the liberal left to rear their ugly, satanic, backwards heads in the wake of the Sutherland Springs mass shooting in Texas. The much disliked and often ridiculed Chelsea Handler (aka Chelsea ‘Pan’ Handler, since she’s literally begging for attention) made her vile, nasty Tweet after the Texas’ worst mass shooting in its history, for all the world to see. Who does she blame? Take a wild guess.

She blames “Republicans” for the mass shooting. Did you get it right? In her own pure colluded “libtard” way, she tries to enforce the ideology that it’s the Republicans fault for Devin Patrick Kelley’s mass shooting, despite the fact that Devin was a massive CNN fan, a person who said he “hated” Texas, and may also be a suspected member of Antifa. Indeed, there are rumors stating that Devil Kelley was part of the domestic terror group that said November 4th would be when the “revolution begins”, with this attack presumed to be the first of it’s $18 billion funded drive by satanic sicko and fake philanthropist George Soros. Additionally, in Chelsea’s current unemployed world, she may just as well be an Antifa member herself.

Chelsea Handler on her former ‘Chelsea’ show, with Fake News aficionado Van Jones. FAIL! Credit: VanityFair

The old lady, who’s notoriously bitter and likes to upload half nude (and quite revolting) photos of herself, with pictures such as her exposed buttocks and even her breasts over social media, had her new ‘Chelsea’ show cancelled on Netflix, after only its second season in October, due to astronomically poor ratings. With her show down the drain and nothing else to do in her life, she devotes her time to being a hateful left wing liberal. Perhaps next she’ll blame her dire show’s major downfall on Republicans too. Here is the left wing garbage tweet in question that Chelsea made, calling the reason for the Sutherland Springs mass shooting to be the fault of “Republicans”.

Credit: ChelseaHandler/Twitter

She’s one mentally ill person, and she was called out as such on Twitter, given these reactions from people who experienced her stupidity, her hate, and her delusion. Let’s get this straight, here at Brainstain, we’ve never ever been fans of this poor excuse for an entertainer.

Credit: Twitter

Wife with a Purpose asks what’s wrong with Chelsea? She’s a bitter, old, washed up former late night chat host that’s lost it all due to her left wing rhetoric, so naturally she will try to pin blame on, and be angry at Republicans, who were probably the first to realise that her show was nothing more than just glorified liberal garbage, which was further solidified by her ridiculous antics after Donald J. Trump won the American Presidency. She even cried, well “bu-hu”.

Perhaps, Chelsea’s Tweet should now be classed into the category of the liberal leftists’ definition of a ‘Hate Crime‘?

Credit: Twitter

Clearly, we aren’t the only one’s to be disgusted by Chelsea “Pan” Handler’s Tweet. Just to think how deluded, unintelligent, and downright nasty some of these liberals are. It just goes to show the vile moral fibre of Chelsea alone, and we live in hope that many others will not try to board the satanic agenda bandwagon, along with the fake liberal news media, and claim it was Donald J. Trump’s fault. Why, you might ask? Well, George Soros and his Antifa goons are the fascists, and they play both sides in a war to try and topple Trump, but the liberal news media probably won’t divulge that Devin Patrick Kelley was apart of Antifa, will they? Besides, why would Chelsea Handler care? She’s probably going to join the Nazi funded Antifa group herself.

Credit: Twitter

Omar Navarro is yet another person of many, calling out Chelsea Handler for her selfish, greedily motivated comment to her sheep followers to try to change the narrative her way, whilst her rhetoric couldn’t be any further from the truth. By the way, here’s a reportage about Chelsea’s cancelled show in another article. Her left wing liberal chat show tanked after only two seasons, and now she proceeds to be a false social justice warrior and a pussy hat wearing idiot that voices disgusting Tweets out into the Twittersphere.

Don’t worry Chelsea, everyone is onto you and your career is so over, that there will never ever be a return for you. Fact!


Brainstain, over and out!

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