Congressman Vicente Gonzalez Falls for Reddit Hoax Meme Sam Hyde Live on CNN

Democratic party congressman Vicente Gonzalez, part of the Left Wing, made a humongous mistake whilst talking to CNN about who the shooter of the Sutherland Springs massacre was last night, stating initially that the shooter’s name was ‘Sam Hyde’. Yes, Vicente Gonzalez took the bait and regurgitated it to everyone’s favourite (read: most hated) fake news channel, CNN, (not the first time), resulting in yet more people being aware of CNN being nothing more than a left wing mouth piece for totally fake news, and setting themselves up for yet more ridicule.

Vicente Gonzalez said this about Sam Hyde: “It was reported to me that he’s actually not from this community. Apparently his name was released as Sam Hyde, that was the name I was given”.

Amidst this tragedy, Vincente Gonzalez made himself look very foolish in not knowing that “Sam Hyde” is actually a joke name given to all recent mass shooting suspects to fake news networks to make them look stupid on live television for not running fact checks. Given their blatant bias in trying to blame bad things on the Alt-Right, white supremacists, Republicans, American patriots, or even Donald J. Trump himself, they are almost guaranteed to fall for the joke every single time. Whilst they effervescently push for gun control, many presume these shootings are instructed incidents, but hey, that’s just a conspiracy theory.

Congressman Vicente Gonzalez. Credit: CQ-Roll Call, Inc.

Indeed, Sam Hyde was incorrectly mentioned as the Sutherland Springs shooter on CNN by Democratic congressman Vicente Gonzalez, but that name has also been used in other mass shooting reports over the last few years. Some examples of this come from the San Bernardino attack in 2015, the 2016 UCLA shooting, the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016, the shooting of Alton Sterling, the 2015 Paris attacks, the Munich shooting in 2016, the Kalamazoo shootings in 2016, the Finsbury Park attack, and most recently, the Las Vegas shooting. Fake news networks like CNN and other socialist news networks have repeatedly fallen for the alt-right baiting every time.

The reason for this is that fake news media outlets desperately want to be the first ones to name the attacker in order to get the most viewership. They also do it because they live in hope that each and every mass shooter has to be some sort of white supremacist, since it fits into their biased narrative linked to left wing ideologies of open borders, mass migration, over-talked racism, and other fake news constructs, which has been so prevalent by the failing liberal socialist mass media over the last few years amidst false flag attacks, Islamic terrorism, and in other shootings across the world. So here we are yet again… Sam Hyde, the infamous meme and initial culprit in all of the worst mass shootings, striking yet again.

Credit: Twitter

Clearly a white supremacist, this Sam Hyde guy, right? The original meme was first discovered to originate from places like Reddit, and the name of Sam Hyde, as you may have seen for yourself, is so successful because the liberal mass media hope in their rush to name a shooter, that it is somebody white with a Christian name so that they can continue to push their own agenda of division and lies.

Only some hours after the horrible mass shooting in Texas, Gonzalez named Sam Hyde yet again, which at the time, was not debunked by CNN on a live broadcast. Instead, they stated that they cannot yet confirm the shooter, even though Sam Hyde was the definite culprit of the mass massacre, as usual. Many people online however caught onto the joke, and reacted on Twitter after the CNN live broadcast with Vicente Gonzalez. Let’s see these reactions exposing the fake news networks and their foolish Sam Hyde narrative.

Credit: Twitter

As if ever you needed any further proof of the public consciousness being aware of fake fews reporting by CNN, who are usually the leader of the pack in such news, there’s the proof, right there.

Credit: Twitter

Yes, even more ridicule for CNN being bestowed with another Sam Hyde gaff. This can surely be the only good thing that has happened in the past 24 hours across the world.

Credit: Twitter

We wonder when the liberal mass media will admit their evil socialist agenda? That would completely confirm their bias, and also confirm their 100% collusion with the elite agenda, to form people’s thinking in their direction. We’re still awaiting the news that Devin Patrick Kelley was an Antifa operative, but that won’t happen because all of George Soros’ funding into these liberal news channels.

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Classic! Hook, line and sinker for fake news media outlets, including CNN. They’re definitely losing viewers and the faith of the general public with their biased, inaccurate news reporting, wouldn’t you say?

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Up above, we have a seemingly “liberal” fake news sympathiser, something which we don’t have much time for here at Brainstain, because let’s be real, aren’t we all sick of the biased fake news networks by now?

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BREAKING: Shooter confirmed to be Sam Hyde” is something we have seen across CNN, the BBC, and across many other network news channels. Let’s hope this continues, as it further exasperates the well known notion that the majority of news today is just fake news reporting, that withhold key information and call all shootings out as “lone wolf” attacks (even when it’s clearly ISIS behind them) and even repeating things such as “let’s not jump to conclusions” when the answers are clearly right in front of their faces. The real truth of the matter is that they aren’t linking the Las Vegas shooting and the recent shooting on Sunday at Sutherland Springs, as being the work of the Alt-left, as well as the work of the elite, who are now pushing for more gun control and civil unrest as a means of protest after the election that brought President Donald J. Trump to office. All of the Alt-left and  “real terrible” false flag incidents, are all but perpetuated by the deep state, every single time, if you don’t count Islamic terror. That’s the real news, but you won’t hear that anywhere else, will you?

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