Harvey Weinstein Hired Ex-Mossad Spies on Actresses He Feared Would Expose Him

More and more of the inner workings of Hollywood are being exposed, not only with Harvey Weinstein’s ongoing sex scandal on the casting couch, but he’s surely making the art of connecting the dots, way easier. Today it’s revealed that he used Ex-Mossad (Israeli intelligence) agencies in the City of Angels, presumably to provide protective security and counter intelligence for wealthy Hollywood clientele, amongst others, such as Democratic politicians.

Harvey Weinstein has been accused to have sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, and possibly raped over 100 women in total, plus he’s had his way with countless other women who clearly saw the benefit of working with Harvey in this special way, but for the actresses he was worried about, he employed Black Cube and Kroll, (two of the biggest global corporate intelligence firms), in order to gather intelligence and spy on the women he felt might expose him.

Yes, to silence his accusers, Harvey instilled intimidation and covert spying on the women that he feared would out him, for no less than $600,000 to gather information to stop any of the press from publishing any scandalous stories. With plenty more women to come forward, we can only assume that there’s a possibility that there’s a lot more, whom are too intimidated to come forward because of these spies… Perhaps?  To think that this was a very expensive ongoing corporate intelligence contract with two spy agencies, is a major understatement.

A so-called producer Star that really fell from grace. Yet some have called him a fall guy, to cover up something else. Credit: Billboard

One corporate intelligence agent even posed as a woman’s right activist and met with Rose McGowan (♯RoseArmy) to discuss the dirt she was willing to reveal on Weinstein. The same agent also spoke to reporters to try to find out their secret sources.

Harvey Weinstein even hired his own journalists to interview his accusers to find out what their claims against him were. The intelligence gathered was also used to scrutinise any journalist willing to write about or expose him, by finding out about their personal lives, profiling their ex-wives, and doing everything in their power to find information to discredit any journalist attempting to challenge him.

All of his investigations were conducted with the help of his legal team, so that all intelligence would be protected by attorney-client privileges.

It took Ronan Farrow (a dead ringer for Frank Sinatra) who is actually Woody Allen’s son from The New Yorker, to start the expose of the decades of sexual abuse allegations from Weinstein, and the lengths as to which he went to silence his accusers.

Ronan Farrow had been hot on the trail of Harvey Weinstein for some time and vice versa. Credit: TV Guide

Farrow stated: “The explicit goal of the investigations, laid out in one contract with Black Cube, signed in July, was to stop the publication of the abuse allegations against Weinstein that eventually emerged in the New York Times and The New Yorker”.

The Black Cube and Kroll agencies even dug up the sexual histories of actresses, and even journalists to use as presumable blackmail material. We guess they really needed to cover all the bases, right? Seemingly, Harvey Weinstein knew that some of his scandals might be revealed unless he did just that, covering the bases, so to speak.

For twelve months, the intel agencies focused on Rosanna Arquette, with her social media posts about sexual abuse, as well as Rose McGowan’s, before creating a psychological profile of the different women and targets by often focusing on their past personal sexual histories. The same could be said for journalists that might have been willing to publish any damaging claims against Weinstein.

A series of emails from Dan Karson of Kroll to Harvey Weinstein revealed they had been digging in the background of Adam Moss of New York Magazine, and also on reporter Benjamin Wallace of the New York Times. Karson wrote in an email, “‘No adverse information about Adam Moss so far (no libel/defamation cases, no court records or judgments/liens/UCC, etc.”

He provided Weinstein with a profile on Wallace which dug up a libel suit from his 2008 book, about the rare-wine market, and other personal ammunition that could have been useful in the future.

Ronan Farrow also revealed that Weinstein also had a contract signed by David Boeis, attorney of Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential election controversy, which obviously occurred in Florida. David Boeis signed the instruction for Black Cube to get a hold of the book ‘Brave’ by Rose McGowan, before it was released, or before any excerpt of it that might have been published somewhere, as well as a separate order to stop a The Times story of his sexual abuse from being published, as well.

Rose McGowan after shaving her head bald, which might have had something to do with Harvey Weinstein. Credit: Daily Mirror

Clearly, they were worried about the contents of her memoir, and also about any story coming out in any publication detailing his sexual abuse accusations over the years. Black Cube were also awarded numerous success fees in preventing any such stories from being leaked or published since the turn of the millennium.

The agent who pretended to be a women’s rights activist posed as Diana Filip, from a fake London based wealth management firm named Reuben Capital Partners who first wrote to McGowan in May 2017, asking her to speak at a gala event for the discrimination against women in the workplace, as revealed by Ronan Farrow. Diana Filip and Rose met numerous times in New York and in Los Angeles to discuss her sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Additionally, Benjamin Wallace of The New York Times, who had a juicy report on Weinstein, was also targeted. So much so, that Diana Filip met with him a fair few times as well, but then she was simply referring to herself as “Anna”, (all the while working for Black Cube) since she was an ex-officer in the Israeli Defence Forces. However, when she pressed Wallace too hard for more information that he possessed, after she told him that she had revelatory information on one of Harvey’s sexual abuse “accusers”, Benjamin Wallace became suspicious, and rightly so.

Farrow wrote: “Anna seemed to be pushing him for information, he recalled, ‘about the status and scope of my inquiry, and about who I might be talking to, without giving me any meaningful help or information.'”

Wallace said, “It felt like soap opera acting”. Anna also reached out to Ronan Farrow and asked for an interview with him, to which he never responded.

Another unnamed female journalist also recorded an interview with Rose McGowan and relayed the recording to Black Cube. The same female journalist also made contact with actress Annabella Sciorra, who accused Weinstein of raping her, as well as another rape accuser of Weinstein’s.

Annabella Sciorra looking even better these days. Credit: Wolf Hall Broadway

Annabella Sciorra stated after receiving the call from the journalist, “It scared me that Harvey was testing to see if I would talk”. Undoubtedly, she got very suspicious after that one phone call.

So, there you have it. Are we surprised that ex-Mossad agencies are hired by Hollywood’s elite to do their dirty deeds? No, we are not… It is almost common knowledge that the Mossad and CIA are very prevalent in Hollywood, and the notion of being targeted is not fiction, but fact, and it happens a lot in Hollyweird. We just don’t hear about it because they don’t want us to know. Could those unmarked GMC cars in Los Angeles seen driving up and down Sunset also be some sort of upper echelon security firm? We can only presume so…

Hollywood is a great and very strange place at times, so you better behave and keep in mind that there’s various eyes watching you, not to mention religious cults like Scientologist’s and plenty of other weirdness going on with spies, informants, and all sorts of strange things occurring specifically in the film industry and in the entertainment biz. Perhaps this latest reveal by Ronan Farrow in the Weinstein scandal is more proof of just that, but at a critical level…


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