‘Sonic Forces’ Game Released Today

Finally, we have some light news with the reveal of Sonic The Hedgehog making his much anticipated return to 3D in the new game called ‘Sonic Forces‘. Although, you won’t be able to play it on your old Sega Mega Drive, you’ll still be able to play it on your PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch from today. Hooray! You’ll be zipping around at high speed, collecting rings, and tearing up the tarmac in no time, if you hit our shopping links down below, that is! But first, let’s give you some game insight, shall we?

Sonic The Hedgehog doesn’t reveal himself all that often, so when he does, everyone needs to take notice, since blue hedgehogs are just so rare. In saying that, apparently the initial reviews are not that stellar, but let’s make our own judgements on this age old classic franchise from Sega, starting with the official game trailer.

Well, the trailer looks like a lot of fun. It looks like a stoners treat or just something fun for the kids to play if you ask us, not that either of those are a bad thing of course. Anyway, in the past, 3D Sonic games haven’t always been so well received, and apparently according to some reviewers, this dilemma seemingly continues in this new entry to the series as well. You can’t get away with just a 2D platform game these days, can you? As we saw in the trailer, we have the 3D world being the most prominent, whilst also keeping phases of 2D action during the game, intermittently. Sort of similar to the recent Super Mario Odyssey game, but Mario’s 3D world was already well versed since Super Mario 64 in 1996, and has only gotten better and better as time has gone by, so this intermixing of 3D in the world of Sonic has always been something that’s not always sat well with gaming fans. Perhaps, they’re just Sonic The Hedgehog biased or something?

Anyway, we need to bring you in closer and to show you more of the game, and the best way to do that is to watch the gameplay in action. This is some footage taken from the Playstation 4 version of the game.

What’s always been a highlight of Sonic is the pure speed¬†of the games, and there’s no denying that this new game is nothing but pure speed. What else did you expect from Sonic? This game also lets you create your own character who will help out in certain missions of the game, and perhaps mingle with the likes of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. This aspect has split fans over whether or not this was a good design choice, some hailing it as a long awaited feature they’ve been waiting for for years, and others deeming it a mistake, as they view creating your own character will break immersion because it won’t look as good as the other established characters.

Recent reviews of the game have said that the general difficulty level of the overall game is way too easy, that you can just speed through the game in about 2 hours or so.¬†Dreamcast Guy condones the game, likening it to Guitar Hero where you just mindlessly press the homing attack button at the right times to win, but hey, perhaps he’s just a Sonic pro who’s just played way too much Sonic over the years.

So, there you have it! This game may have been slated by DreamCast Guy, but in our opinion, if you want some light-hearted, speedy entertainment, and you enjoy the 3D world mixed with a 2D world gimmick, then this game is definitely for you. If you’re a hardcore Sonic fan who’s into it and doesn’t mind a few hiccups here and there, then this really is a must have, although to be fair, Sonic Mania was said to be much better.

Sega may have been able to do better with Sonic Forces, but with Football Manager 2018 coming up on the horizon in just a few days, Sega will continue to be successful and profitable regardless. Maybe the DreamCast Guy is just too much of a cynical Sonic game nerd, maybe he actually has some relevant points about the game. If you reckon you might like this game, buy it down below and find out for yourself.


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