Happy Election Win Anniversary, Donald Trump!

Oh yes, it’s been quite a year, and today marks the occasion exactly 365 days ago when Donald J. Trump swept the board across America, with 63 million Americans voting him as their choice at the ballot box, thus ensuring him the Presidency of The United States of America. November 8th of 2016 was a sweet, sweet victory and ever since, there has been so much more winning, as promised by Donald Trump, that people will no doubt get sick of it. We just want the winning streak to continue.

We remember the day like it was yesterday, staying up late and watching the votes unfold state by state. First Hillary Clinton won the state of Vermont, which wasn’t much of a worry, but after that, Donald J. Trump steam rolled through all major states, apart from California and New York. The joyous moments of Trump winning just continued on and on, whilst the dumbfounded folks at CNN began to panic, much to our own joy. Fake and biased news wasn’t something we could tolerate any longer, and heaps of Americans felt the same way. We can even recall when Wolf Blitzer annoyingly suggested for his assistant to give more states to Hillary on the prediction graphics board, half past midway through the vote count, to see if there was still any mathematical chance of Hillary winning. Ha! Watch this lovely summary of events of how Donald Trump was treated by the liberal entertainment media, and by those colluded liberal news networks. Priceless!

How about that Obama clip folks? That never gets old, does it? Additionally, let’s also remember the effervescent over confidence of the liberal left, and of how Hillary Clinton rigged the nomination from Bernie Sanders at the DNC. Also, let us not forget about the systemic voter fraud of the Democratic left (illegals and dead voters), yet she still lost heavily. Now, we bring back this gem of how in places like San Francisco, which was where comedian Dave Chappelle set his now infamous SNL Election Night sketch in, divulged some of the very prevalent clueless liberal rhetoric on the election evening for all to see. Before we watch it again however, it would seem that Dave Chappelle, SNL, and the liberal left of YouTube have tried to bury Dave Chappelle’s sketch so people wouldn’t find and mock them for it, but we found a rusty copy that is still out there, so we can fully enjoy this comedic masterpiece once again on this fine anniversary. So sit back and bask in the liberal delusion and cluelessness of the liberals in this Dave Chapplle sketch; since it never ever gets old.

One year on, and it’s still so relevant. The only thing which was incorrect about this sketch is the point where Dave Chappelle tries to claim that America is racist, alongside Chris Rock. Apart from that, it’s pretty stellar stuff. This could be some of Chappelle’s best work, so why did they have to bury it? However, since then, Dave Chappelle has had to backtrack his initial support for Donald J. Trump to keep himself relevant with the Establishment, but that’s no news. Perhaps that’s why the SNL sketch is now virtually unfindable.

Today commemorates the day when 63 million American Patriots voted to Make America Great Again, and the President is now going from strength to strength, with the stock market at its highest grossing numbers in history, millions of jobs being brought back into the country, manufacturing coming back to the USA, and right now, the President is out wheeling and dealing in Asia, whilst the Democrat party crumbles apart, and the liberal entertainment agenda has also taken a major hit too.

So all in all this past month, there’s been a lot of activity. Is this the “calm before the storm” as Donald J. Trump had called it out as? We perhaps now begin to see what he really meant about the “calm before the storm”, with the revelation of Donna Brazile saying that Hillary rigged the nomination from Bernie Sanders, the Uranium One scandal being exposed with Russia (the real Russian collusion), as well as this juicy bit of news regarding a certain Podesta (read here) which has a mass media blackout. Just goes to show how far the Democrat party has fallen. A lot can happen in a year, and righteousness and good shall always prevail in the end. That’s why people like happy endings, isn’t it? Good vs. Evil; a tried and true Hollywood story. Now for a sum up of deluded, intolerant liberal reactions post-election in 2016, courtesy of Paul Thomas Watson. Take a look, it’s pretty hilarious!

Today, we also have something else to look forward to, and we cannot wait to see this on the mainstream media networks, where reportedly ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ has taken over, (with the causation being liberal Fake News networks), causing people to collect together in crowds and scream into the sky about the election of Donald Trump… Well, when that happens, we will be the first to bring you those videos for you to laugh at with us. Even aliens from other planets will just stare down at them and shake their heads and say, “tut, tut, tut, what a bunch of stupid brainwashed liberals”.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Common Dreams

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