Ridley Scott To Reshoot All Kevin Spacey Scenes in New Film

With Hollywood Awards season looming in the new year, a much-anticipated film called ‘All The Money in the World‘ starring Kevin Spacey, Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams, (which is set for release on December 22nd), will now have all of Kevin Spacey’s scenes reshot by Director Ridley Scott in a unanimous executive decision, given Kevin Spacey’s recent scandals of sexually abusing, sexually harassing, and even raping one young boy and assaulting men for decades.

The $40 million blockbuster, (which had presumably been penned for a couple awards), but due to the recent revelations of Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault-indiscretions, will now see Spacey completely axed and airbrushed from the film entirely, in order to preserve the film ahead of its release in six weeks time.

Spacey was playing the role of J. Paul Getty, but now he will be replaced by Christopher Plummer, who was supposed to be the original actor for the role, but the studio claimed they needed a bigger star instead. Now it’s all come full circle, and Christopher Plummer will play the part he was intended to play from the very beginning.

Kevin Spacey, transformed using prosthetics into J.Paul Getty. And, that looks a bit sh*t, so it’s a blessing in disguise, for everyone. Credit: Imperative Entertainment

This is a bold move by Ridley Scott, but the correct one, and the production as a whole is adamant that the film will still be released on time on December 22nd. So, it’s back to the new shooting schedule immediately in wrapping up the film on time, with Christopher Plummer as the famous Oil Tycoon, John Paul Getty.

British director Ridley Scott made the decision unilaterally and only notified Sony of his decision on Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully the cast and crew are all committed to doing the reshoots. As could you imagine, if the film came out with Kevin Spacey starring in it, it would no doubt see the film shelved and shunned instead of praised.

Kevin Spacey has already been written out of the script, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The decision came as the film was pulled from the AFI Festival this month amidst Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault allegations.

Luckily, Spacey’s shooting schedule was only eight days of work, with most scenes featuring him on his own. However, it is still unsure just how Ridley Scott will be able to bring about the reshoot on time on such short notice. The main problems with these re-shoots will come from the fact that most of Spacey’s scenes were shot in different locations. The film is set predominately in Rome in 1973, and is about the time in history when J. Paul Getty’s grandson, John Paul Getty III, was kidnapped as a young boy and held for a $17 million ransom, back when J. Paul Getty was the richest man in the world.

Director Ridley Scott. Credit: Schmoes Know…

Mark Wahlberg plays the role of ex-CIA agent Fletcher Chase, and Michelle Williams plays Gail Harris, the mother of the kidnapped son. Kevin Spacey will no longer be in the film, but despite that, he proudly stated to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview: “It was one of the most remarkable experiences that I’ve had as an actor.”

Kevin Spacey said he researched heavily for the role, and found out that J. Paul Getty wasn’t really the man the public perceived him to be… Sort of like how we all didn’t believe Kevin Spacey to be the man that his acting persona claimed to be either.

Spacey added: “I really felt like I was able to become this man. This for me stands out as a particularly unique experience.”

This sudden change in strategy for the film will no doubt put it back in good runnings during the Awards season, earning itself some extra clout from esteemed actor Christopher Plummer who will be taking the reigns. Who knows? It might just result in a wins at Academy Awards’ and maybe a Lifetime Achievement Award for Plummer (unless he already has one), and other Hollywood brownie points if the production can finish on schedule. Not to mention, the money part, since the film is sure to supersede its budget used, given the new casting of Christopher Plummer alongside Hollywood heavyweights like Mark Wahlberg, with extra interest now bound for the film without Kevin Spacey, so it might easily pass its $40million budget in total gross.

Actor Christopher Plummer. Credit: IndieWire

We can already imagine the theme of next years Oscars, being about rooting out the sexual abuse, the infamous culture of the casting couch, and the suspected pedophile rings (maybe not?).

Kevin Spacey’s problem began when Broadway and screen actor, Anthony Rapp, revealed to Buzzfeed in an interview about how Spacey made a physical pass at him in his apartment in New York City in 1986, when he was only 14-years old. Later, an anonymous person also 14-years old, confessed that he was raped and molested by Kevin Spacey, two years before Anthony in 1984, when Kevin Spacey was 24-years old. The anonymous male called him out as being “a pedophile”.

Actor and Broadway star, Anthony Rapp. Credit: TrekNews

Kevin Spacey tried to deflect Anthony Rapp’s allegations by stating on social media that he could not remember the incident, and how he now chooses to live as a gay man, which caused some major backlash all across the world. Being gay doesn’t make you immune from allegations of sexual abuse and pedophilia.

After this, countless other men have come forward. In one case, Kevin Spacey had gotten drunk and exposed himself to a young barman, Daniel Beal, in West Sussex, England, before hushing him up with his $6,500 wrist watch in order to keep him quiet. Beal said, “He pulled my hand towards his crotch area, and then as I said, “What the hell are you doing,” he could not get his genitalia out quick enough.”

Daniel Beal was flashed by Kevin Spacey. Credit: Daily Mail

Additionally, Richard Dreyfuss’ son, Harry Dreyfuss, revealed in another Buzzfeed piece that Spacey had groped his genitals in front of his father in 2008 at his apartment in London.

Harry wrote: “Kevin Spacey is a sexual predator. But I still never thought talking about it seriously was ever an option.”

Filmmaker Tony Montana, speaking with USA Today, said Spacey “grabbed my whole package” at a bar fourteen years ago in Los Angeles, stating: “This designates ownership”.

Well, there you have it! Some further unraveling of Kevin Spacey’s career, and ‘All the Money in the World’ film is set on course for its re-invitation to the film awards board for consideration, pending these re-shoots. This film may now garner even more attention and accolades as a result. This is good news for the studio, for the crew, and the actors involved. It’s good news for everybody, except for Kevin Spacey, naturally.

Who will be the next in line in this barrage of exposed sexual predators, sexual abusers, pedophiles, and other Hollywood elites? Hopefully someone from the board of Democratic elite politicians will be “outted” next.


Watch this space! (no pun intended)

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