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The day has finally arrived for all football fans and aspiring managers, both young and old, to take control of your team on all fronts, but do you have the skill to guide your team to success in Football Manager 2018? Only time will tell, but with a whole host of new and improved features, makes this latest instalment to the manager simulation, the best yet and we wouldn’t expect anything less, would we?

The game has been released today on PC, Mac, Linux, and of course on download from Steam, so you can either order a physical copy right here or even download it, right now. Buy here on PC! Buy here for Steam! You can thanks us later!

Anyway, before you buy it, (which you obviously should), let’s tell you about just why you should purchase the game. Real life managers use it as a scouting system for real players, proving just why this game is unbelievably amazing, and better yet, completely realistic. One of the main reasons to get it, is that this new game features even more clever artificial intelligence than last years game, so you could totally take the reins at Paris Saint Germain from Unai Emery and expect a pretty easy breezy season of wins, what with Neymar Jr., K. Mbappe and E. Cavani up front. You can probably expect Neymar and Cavani to have some form of “on or off-pitch” bust-up, that’s pretty much guaranteed, and when it does happen, how will you put that fire out? You decide, as squad harmony in the Champions League will be paramount to PSG, won’t it?

The most expensive player in the world, Neymar’s player stats in FM18. Credit: FM18

But apart from the new AI, the game will also feature heavy improvements in graphics and presentation, in stadium design and in tactics, but with even more pressing options and decisions in the game build up to influence your team to either win or lose. Not to mention an improved scouting system which has been completely overhauled, with circa 23,000 players from around the world; that’s more than double that of last years game. The game will also feature even smoother viewable game simulations, thanks to a shiny new graphics engine, bringing yet more realism to the watchable games, and even more realistic goals (no two are the same), if you’ve got the players to put it in the back of the net, that is… If you start as the manager of Everton, you probably need to sign a new striker immediately before you get the sack, know what I mean? Let’s get more insight with this video from FM18 TV.

You’ll be battling the inflated transfer values and contract negotiations, so spend your big cash wisely, or just pull an Arsene Wenger and buy virtually nobody. That’s the sort of AI we are dealing with, which keeps the game as realistic as ever. Now lets check out the Matchday Experience, which will no doubt have you buying this new game as soon as possible. Well, once you’re done with the current season on FM17, anyway.

Sports Interactive and Sega have really pulled out all the stops with this one. This game boasts improved lighting, new player movement due to new motion capture enhancements, player behaviours on the pitch, and sharper graphics all around, with new cut scenes showcasing the playing environment and the crowds. With all that said, how does one find new players for your own custom team? Let’s check out scouting, shall we?

So, will you take over Everton’s disastrous summer transfer saga, if you’ve got the cash to do it? Will you take over from Pep Guardiola and virtually guarantee yourself the Premier League title in your first ever season, with little need to sign anyone at all? Or will you take over Aston Villa from Steve Bruce, and guide the Villains back to Premier League from the Championship? You could also try to rejuvenate Barcelona (sans Neymar) and hope that Real Madrid don’t pip you to the La Liga title. If you do happen to pick them, let’s hope that Ousmane Dembele doesn’t get injured after only a couple matches. Furthermore, should you wish to manage Tottenham Hotspurs, then try to make any big star signing gel into your side, as Mauricio Pochettino should’ve probably done, in order to make a greater challenge for the Premier League title and join Alli, Kane and Eriksen in the final third. The possibilities are truly endless.

With the cold weather already upon us, and with people not really wishing to leave the house for some time, this is the ideal game for any football fan who has already realised that the social scene outside is too overrated, making this a must buy game for all football fans with any ounce of intelligence.

Who will you be commencing your FM18 journey with, and who will you sign? Tell us in the comments section below. Happy managing everyone!

Brainstain, over and out!

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