Never Go Full Libtard

As we promised here at Brainstain, we would do our best to uncover the videos from the 8th of November, when deluded liberals joined together in packs, and screamed at the sky in protest of the one year anniversary of President Donald J. Trump’s tenure as the leader of the Free World.

Can you imagine? Wait, there’s no need to, this actually happened, but mostly in the sanctuary cities where the mentally ill, illegal immigrants, deluded liberals, and the totally brainwashed leftist’s live side by side, hanging on every word of what the liberal mainstream fake news media tells them. So like a bunch of deluded snowflake cry babies with no knowledge, they proceed to do this:

Now you know why people say “Never go full Libtard” like those people just did, because their baseless delusion has no merit, with the ongoing success that Donald J. Trump’s Presidency is now showing in all areas.

Right now, Donald Trump is being very well received all over Asia. In places like China, Japan and Vietnam, they rolled out the red carpet, held greater special banquets than ever seen before, and have been very welcoming of President Donald Trump. This didn’t happen in the same way at all when the ever bowing Barack Obama conducted his foreign policy and visited such countries.

But right now, the liberal mass media, without much Anti-Trump rhetoric and news, would rather try to cover the Philippines protest of Duterte’s war on drugs, and how human rights need to be addressed by Donald Trump on the subject of the Philippines. It’s that or continue to push the fake news narrative of Russian meddling in the election, which has been proven to be “Fake News”. Anyway, now we bring you some more laughable liberal leftist delusion to make your day even better whilst you drink your morning coffee.  Enjoy!

Hahahahaha! Somebody bring this former art college graduate a Xanax or top up her marijuana prescription pleasebecause clearly it can’t hurt at this point. When she ends the monologue about how she believes Trump and Putin colluded on wearing the same colour traditional shirts in Vietnam, you know it’s about time to call the men in white coats in order to take her away to a safe space with padded walls, right?

Additionally, in countries like China and Japan, some of the public like watching the Democratic party and liberal lefts melt down for entertainment purposes, due to the good job that President Donald Trump is really doing and knowing full well it is about the greater public against the Establishment media. Yes, there’s a war of information going on in the world, which the “LIBTARDS” and the Establishment are losing every day, so as we’ve said before, “Never Go Full Libtard”. Perhaps this next video is something even the Libtard can understand… Let’s see, but they may become triggered and miss the point entirely, which is often the case.

Most liberals cannot deny the truth for much longer, and only the Libtards really remain against Trump, which has also seen the baseless Democratic resistance and protestors dwindling in numbers, along with the demise of the terrorist hate groups funded by George Soros, such as Antifa and BLM.

Let’s see how the November 8th situation occurred in Austin, Texas, and just how those silly “Libtards” and mentally ill liberal leftists got on with their protest, shall we? Well, according to InfoWars, it was an incredibly lame turn out. “Keeping Austin weird here” as Owen Schroyer said.

Yes, seemingly the George Soros funding has stopped, after he’s wasted billions on the failed Hillary Clinton campaign, and the funded fake resistance afterwards. Let’s hope the normal people out there continue on winning and exposing the lunacy of the left, until they all Wake Up or just go back to Sleep. You never go libtard, or even full libtard, without losing.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Redbubble

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