Nigel Farage Exposes George Soros’ “Open Society” Collusion Within The EU

To round off the day, we have a story about one of the true heroes of the world: Nigel Farage. Just yesterday, he exposed the European Commission of being completely in bed (read: corrupt) with George Soros and with his organisation named the ‘Open Society’.

These already suspected ties go some way to educate those not in the know, multi-billionaire and fake philanthropist, George Soros, backs the EU along with his NGO’s (Non-Government Organisations) who traffic illegal migrants into Europe, create campaigns for the free movement of people, as well as support the influx of Mass Islamic Migration throughout European nations, much to the detriment of these societies, and is additionally responsible for the greatest collusion and corruption in politics in modern day history. Well done, Farage (applause).

Nigel Farage, man of the people. Credit: The Sun

This comes after George Soros recently gave his own organisation, the Open Society, $18 billion USD. This is an organisation that has had no less than 42 separate meetings with the EU in the last year alone, making us wonder… just how many kick backs and schmoozy payments are given to these smirking EU politicians under the table in order to enforce Soros’ will and wants? That’s the big question. 

Plus, there’s a book containing the names of 226 people whom are friends of the Open Society within the EU parliament, (a group funded and owned by George Soros), giving Soros a totalitarian monopoly like hand of influence over the EU, like many have long suspected. However, few have dared to say it, showing yet again the need for the citizens of EU countries to oppose superstates, such as the EU, and vote their countries out of it, at the ballot box at the first available opportunity.

Austria have done just that in their recent election, and the UK should leave the EU and is expected to do so in March 2019. Hopefully this news will reach more and more people, which will make the people inside their nations finally wake up and also vote against being apart of the EU superstate altogether. Those in the know, know that the EU is on the verge of a future collapse. So, Nigel Farage has once again shutdown the EU, pointing out their hypocrisy and corruption, which is systemic with George Soros’ dirty hands in all that they seek and do.


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Featured Photo Credit: The Duran

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