Has PizzaGate Really Been Debunked? Let’s Take a Closer Look To Find The Damning Evidence

Hello everyone, we thought it might be a good time to help expose and get the word out further about the sickening practices that have been going on in Washington D.C. which very much marred certain people in the previous presidential election in 2016. The liberal mainstream media said that this PizzaGate thing was all a conspiracy theory and that it has been debunked after a shooting had occurred at Comet Pizza. They claimed that a real person tried to expose the pedophile ring within the Pizza establishment. Sounds insane, right? What’s more insane than that would be if we told you that that was just a crisis actor in on a false flag operation to delegitimatise the PizzaGate uncovering. Sounds wild, but during the height of the John Podesta emails being exposed by Wikileaks, was this staged to help debunk the PizzaGate (aka PedoGate) scandal in Washington D.C.?

Why would the mainstream media try to cover up something like PizzaGate or PedoGate? We will let you figure that out as you watch the listed documentary down below. If you’re already not in the know about what all this is about, that’s where you will learn a couple things.

Anyway, if you’re familiar with the leaked Wikileaks emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and specifically to that of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, and all of the information and pedophile code words in his emails, given some further digging, you too will find out exactly how PizzaGate/PedoGate is in fact, something very real and not a conspiracy theory at all. The Wikileaks emails exposed a lot, plus, anyone who has ever tried to sue Wikileaks, has lost every time. Once again proving that you can’t debunk PizzaGate just like that. 

John Podesta and Hillary Clinton are knee deep in Pasta and Pizza dough, and they know it! Credit: Soft

It’s also so unbelievably disgusting that the major news media outlets and the majority of the public would hope it was nothing more than an elaborate hoax and that it was just a work of fiction. So, are they all simply in on the cover up, or just wish not to look into it any further, and would rather dismiss it as already “debunked?”

Well, either way, the evidence is all hidden right there in plain sight, and there’s more than enough circumstantial evidence in John Podesta’s emails, and within the Instagram pages of various people connected to him, which would blow the lid off any PizzaGate cover up and call for a serious police investigation of all the people named within the documentary film down below. Human trafficking, pedophilia and satanic rituals seem to be common place in certain elite circles, so it would seem.

We won’t name any names personally, since a thorough and damning investigation has already been conducted in a two-part documentary, which we encourage you to watch. That is, if you can stomach it past the first part without becoming ill… If you think you can handle it, simply watch it and hope that any investigators do a thorough investigation of everything mentioned in this documentary film. So without further ado, we bring you from Plato Smith’s Youtube channel: ‘PizzaGate: The Unanswered Questions Documentary‘ by Titus Frost. We wouldn’t recommend you watching something which didn’t hold weight, would we? Watch this when you have the time, as there’s very revelatory information being presented by Mr. Frost.

How about all those posts and comments from James Alefantis’ Instagram page, Comet – Ping Pong Pizza, in Washington D.C.? What about all his friends reacting to said posts on Instagram too? Surely there’s nothing to see there, right? We’re sure you’re now interested enough to watch Part 2, right? Great, because that second part is located below this paragraph. We’re simply here to help spread the stellar work of Titus Frost, and whilst you may class this as all as just tons of circumstantial evidence, which most of it very much is, it legitimately needs to be investigated further by the authorities. However, that decision is entirely all up to said authorities.

Is there not enough circumstantial evidence there for one to disbelieve Snopes, as well as disbelieve the many who have said that PizzaGate is now debunked? When was it ever debunked, and if it is, just how was it debunked? Was it the False Flag shooting at Comet Pizza, or was it actually a real shooting which cleverly shot out a computer hardrive? You be the judge… We simply don’t know, but it was an interesting documentary that they made, right?

Seemingly, there seems to be something sick going on with all this “Pizza” stuff happening in Washington D.C. with its elite circles, but hey, maybe it’s all a conspiracy theory? We can’t say, but it does seem like some people have really gone out of their way to research it, so we thought we would share it with you.

If this stuff really is “debunked”, then surely the word “debunked” might have taken on a whole new meaning. Unfortunately for genuine pizza establishments and pizza itself, all of this might just be giving it all a bad name, which is a shame, because who doesn’t like real, genuine pizza?

Before you ask, we’re talking about the edible kind of pizza, which they say originated from Italy, and that’s what we’d rather focus on. Is this whole PizzaGate thing really just a conspiracy theory? You be the judge, but don’t become inspired by the good work of Titus Frost, since apparently everyone has to be neutral in the light of all the circumstantial evidence. It’s up to the authorities to investigate this further. However, it’s also up to you to make and form your own opinions on this topic, we believe… We all know.


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