Star Wars Battlefront II Released Today

Today sees the worldwide launch of the much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II, which is out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC for everyone to enjoy. The game has so far received reviews from Gamespot, GamesRadar, Digital Trends, ShackNews, EGN and IGN, who have scored the game a total rating percentage ranging between 60% and 100%. That may not sound consistent, but it’s still very early days, and the best way for you to review it is to play it yourself. However, since we all can’t get a free copy to play, (thanks EA), the next best way is to take a look at the game through trailers. as well as a closer look at the actual gameplay.

First off, here’s a look at this very inspiring official launch trailer of the EA/Dice/Motive/Criterion/LucasArts game.

The major difference between Star Wars Battlefront II and its predecessor is that the new game has a single player story mode, which is of course a huge selling point for the new game. Apart from that, you can play as all and any of the heroes from the three Star Wars era’s in Multiplayer/Online mode, making this a true all round experience in the world of Star Wars, leaving nothing and nobody out. Watch the official gameplay trailer that showcases the Multiplayer game experience, you’ll see what we mean. More or less every game will be packed full of epic battles. You can choose to play as Yoda or Rey, or as a host of a multitude of other characters, good or evil, in-game.

The new single player story mode is an entirely different and unique story set apart from the multiplayer one, but we won’t spoil it for you here. You’ll have to go elsewhere to see what happens in it. The game has already been criticised for its microtransactions on Multiplayer, wherein you pay real money to buy in-game loot crates. This has been described as a confusing experience, due to the fact that the game has multiple different currencies, such as credits and crystals. To learn more about that, just watch this video here to help clarify how it all really works. However, on Reddit, the microtransactions debacle has become the most down voted post in Reddit history, prompting EA to change the prices for Heroes as well as removed some of the microtransactions altogether. For the time being, anyway.

Now let’s take a sneak peek at the Single Player Story Mode. Check out what your single player experience will have in store for you, as you play Star Wars Battlefront II in this brand new game mode.

Yes, despite the early controversy with microtransactions, (which seems to have irked some fans of the game whom have already played it), the high prices and a somewhat confusing set up, this doesn’t mean that the game will not (hopefully) improve on these things over the coming weeks. This game is undeniably a major step up from the first Star Wars Battlefront game, making this a must have for any serious Star Wars fan or gamer.

If you haven’t already, you can purchase the games using the shopping links below, and have the game delivered straight to your door with ease, courtesy of Amazon.

May The Force Be With You, and have a nice weekend.

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