The Fall of Angela Merkel: Coalition Talks Collapse in Germany

Angela Merkel of the Christian Democrat Union of Germany, and the Christian Social Union of Bavaria (CDU-CSU), has been in coalition talks with the Green and Free Democrat parties in Germany. The Christian Social Union want a cap on refugees, the Green’s want a crackdown on coal, and the Free Democrats ended up walking out of the meeting last night.

Yes, Angela Merkel’s pro-EU refugee policies have divided the country, and the coalition talks last night hit a dead end over both migration and climate change.

Chancellor Merkel had hoped for an agreement with her Christian Democrat/Christian Social Union parties, along with the FDP (Free Democrats Party) and the Green’s by 6pm last night, however, since the election left her without a majority, (mainly due to her disastrous immigration/refugee policy), Germany could now face a snap election.

The pro-EU Chancellor and her refugee policy has divided the nation. Credit: GettyImages

Angela Merkel’s liberal refugee ideology has not sat well with the people of Germany, nor with the political parties that she had hoped to work with. After a gruelling month of negotiations, the Free Democrat Party leader, Christian Lindner walked out, saying there was “no basis of trust” to form a government with Merkel’s CDU-CSU, and ecologist Green’s alliance.

Lindner went on to say, “It is better not to govern than to govern badly”, and reiterated that the parties did not share “a common vision on modernising” Germany.

After the FDP walked out, Merkel said, “As chancellor… I will do everything to ensure that this country comes out well through this difficult time”.

A man of reason and logic, Christian Lindner of the Free Democrat Party, walked out of the negotiations on Sunday night. Credit: AP

Since the September 24th vote, Merkel, who rejected going into opposition with the outgoing Parliamentary partners of the Social Democrats, will now face a snap election if an agreement isn’t reached between all the parties. Martin Schulz has once again rejected pairing up with Merkel’s block to form a new government.

Amongst the disagreements, the Christian Social Union want a definitive cap on refugees, whilst the Green Party lobbied for more migrants, and to notion for them to bring in their close family members as well. The Green Party also want Germany to give up their coal industry and combustion energy by the year 2030.

Naturally, the Free Democrats also opposed the Green Party’s suggestion, as it would greatly hurt the German economy and affect jobs.

The four party coalition foundation talks had been ongoing, and have gone way past the initial deadline date set by Merkel, which would have been a first in the history for the country if these four different parties could agree to a singular collusion.

The current polls now suggest that even if there is a snap election, the result could be very similar to the current situation, which would mean they would have to form a new government anyway, which of course would be equally as difficult.

Martin Schulz wants nothing to do with Angela Merkel. Credit: DW

Things seem to be a right mess in Germany at the moment, with the Green Party asking for refugees’ close family members to be allowed to enter the country, as well as Angela Merkel insisting on yet more refugees in general, things are really not sitting well with the Christian Social Union nor the Free Democrats either.

Perhaps Angela Merkel’s colluded EU refugee and migrant policy is finally catching up with her? Let’s refer back to this wonderful speech by Nigel Farage (down below) for good measure, and just ponder for a moment about how much unseen collusion has been going on. Just how much has Angela Merkel’s politics and pro-EU refugee policy been tainted whilst being “in bed” with George Soros’ Open Society? We reckon a fair bit, and now Germany and Chancellor Merkel are facing the immediate consequences on their very doorstep.

Angela Merkel’s pro-EU refugee open border policy has been her downfall, and it will be interesting to see what happens now in her attempt to form a new government that can actually agree on these pressing issues that are affecting the nation. The refugee crisis, various terror attacks, and the ongoing migrant rape crisis has seen a surge of support for the right-wing party, AfD (Alternative for Germany), which ranked fairly high in the last election. We expect their party to grow in strength over the next year.

How many meetings did Farage say the EU has had with Soros’ Open Society?

Wow! Talk about inside EU collusion. There’s the main source of the refugee crisis right there, people!


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