London Buses Are Now Running on Coffee

Here’s a fun factoid for you in the Green news department: as of just yesterday, Transport for London have announced that they have begun fuelling their London buses using just coffee as their main fuel source.

Where are they getting their new source of fuel from? Why, from the same sh*t coffee franchises that most Londoners march to and order from every morning, of course! Those hot cups of brown and black muck in a cup is now what the London Buses are running on. Hey, if it’s good enough for your tummy, then surely it’s good enough for the fuel tank of a London Bus too, right?

Really makes you think if you should really keep ordering these overpriced and tasteless hot cups of basic sh*t… After all, the buses find them just perfect to run on. Think of what your actually ingesting in the mornings every time you’ve consumed (and promptly been displeased by) that utterly sh*t cup of coffee. Despite how bad it is, some of you will continue to return for another the next day, despite it being just the same tasteless hot black water you’ve had the day before.

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Is it? Credit: GfyCat

We could start naming names of these popular franchise coffee shops that we have had the displeasure of ordering from and  shame them, but we’re nice, so instead we’ll just wonder if London Buses somehow now feel the same as we do once they get filled up with sh*t coffee in the mornings. Can somebody ask a bus, please?

Anyway, sh*t coffee or not, the point is that the buses are running on more Green energy than ever before, courtesy of a start-up company called Bio-Bean, who are in financial partnership with Shell, which is a pretty major deal as it’s quite good for the environment. The reason being is that London’s Bus fuel is now only 80% Diesel fuel, whilst a staggering 20% is comprised of pure coffee waste.

Credit: Buzzfeed

As you may be aware, there are literally tons of wasted sh*t coffee in London that just isn’t consumed day-to-day, so Bio-Bean saw a usage for all that crap that was just thrown away and got right to collecting it all.

London Buses have been partly fuelled by cooking oil in the past, so why not add in some sh*t coffee leftovers that smart people have avoided drinking altogether, and give those big red things a booster? Seems like a great idea to us. The real question here is, how do they actually do it?

Well, Bio-Bean collect wasted coffee grounds from bars, restaurants, and from big chains like Cafe Nero and Costa, then they bring it back to Cambridge where they extract the oil, combine it with diesel in a factory and mix it all together. Voilà!

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Now that might sound a bit sh*t, or perhaps it might make you want to think twice about ordering one of those horrible cups of franchise coffee’s ever again. But, the main thing is that Bio-Bean are harnessing a powerful biofuel that is helping to reduce London’s CO2 emissions, which is good news for combatting the worryingly high pollution levels.

Hopefully this new information might have made you think twice about ordering a cup of sh*t coffee this morning. Unless of course, you know a place where they consistently serve you a real cup of coffee in the capital, which admittedly can be very hard to find at the best of times.

We just recommend you choose your coffee wisely, and that you don’t end up paying for a cup that tastes like pipping hot black water for £3.50…  Hey, if it’s good enough for a bus, erm, then why not? Actually nah, maybe London just needs more qualified Baristas instead? That or people should make the effort to go out and buy an Espresso machine. Whatever the case may be, the best part in all of this is that the London air will be more clean at the end of the day. Hooray! Now how’s that to give your hump day a boost?! 

Brainstain, over and out!

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