Is The Weeknd Back in Pursuit of Model Bella Hadid?

You know the saying, “some people are just meant for each other” or “some people are just destined to be together”? It’s a familiar phrase most of us have heard through sappy romcoms at one point or another. Some people have just heard about it, others have been lucky enough to experience it, and then there are those who get to witness it unfold before their very eyes.

Could this be the case for The Weeknd and former girlfriend, Bella Hadid? Will they get back together soon?

It was less than a month ago when The Weeknd and Selena Gomez split up, paving the way for Selena Gomez to get back with Justin Bieber, now everybody is expecting to see The Weeknd couple back up with the radiant Victoria’s Secret front-runner ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid.

Before Bella Hadid stole the show at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which was hosted in Shanghai on Monday night, The Weeknd, (aka: Abel Tefaye), 27, sent his ex a huge bouquet of flowers to mark the occasion.

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Bella Hadid’s performance at the VS Fashion Show was a huge success, and she truly shone on the stage, so it was only befitting of The Weeknd to stake his claim back into her good books even before the show started. Clearly there are still many feelings surrounding (and shared between) the two.

To see just how great Bella Hadid looked on that VS stage in Shanghai, all you need to do is look at the next bunch of photos. As you can see, she very much enjoyed doing the catwalk. An insider stated: “Bella loved every minute of the show, and she looked absolutely stunning”. We agree!

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The VS insider then added, “The event went off without a hitch, and it was a raging success. Bella was on a high the whole night. Abel sent her a gorgeous, huge bouquet of flowers along with a super sweet note telling her how amazing she is and how proud of her he is.”

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The week before, The Weeknd was spotted leaving Bella’s apartment in New York City. Another insider told People magazine: “He is talking to Bella a lot and they’ve hung out too. They are not back together. There are still feelings though. Abel never stopped loving Bella.”

However, we predict that it’s not long until they do get back together officially, as it’s clear that their romance seems to be heating up once again, not to mention their careers as well.

As they were… Credit: Gamepiks-AKM-GSI-XPOSURE

This news comes only days after a source close to the Canadian singer told E! that Abel still “loves her” and feel that “they will always have a real connection”.

Super sweet, indeed. In a way, we suppose that this proves that perhaps some people are just “meant to be with each other”, or are somehow “destined to be together”, even though there’s a good chance they might break up again later, which is just another bump in the road that we call “life”.


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