Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday Weekend Everyone!

From all of us at Brainstain News, we hope our fine American readers have all had a very happy Thanksgiving with their friends and family. We hope you’re not feeling too bloated from all that dinner, because guess what? It’s Black Friday! If you want those limited time only discounts and deals, you’re going to need to run, jump, and grab like you’ve never done before in your life. You’re probably going to want to read up on our shopping survival guide that we posted yesterday before you go zooming out the door, mind you.

Since today is going to be a pretty busy day for everybody, we’ve decided to take the day off ourselves so that we too can get involved in the shopping frenzy. Of course, it will mostly be online because we’d rather not risk getting robbed or injured during a stampede, but hey, it’s all for the sake of getting our family members something nice for the holidays!

So until next Monday, remember to what we taught you in our shopping guide, and get ready to dive head first into some quality deals at your local store. Just try not to end up on somebody’s bad side and you’ll be able to see yourself through to Christmas.

Brainstain over and out!

Featured Image Credit: The BMW Car Club

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