Romelu Lukaku May Get 3 Match Ban For Kicking Brighton Player

What happened at the weekend in the world of football? Well, one of the most talked about topics at the moment is how Romelu Lukaku could face a three match ban after kicking out at Brighton defender, Gaetan Bong, which led to left footer Ashley Young curling the ball into the back of the net to seal the three points for the Red Devils.

In case you missed it, here’s that incident once again. Really goes to show that the claims of Romelu Lukaku playing in a very bullying manner in the opponents end of the field is very much true. Watch!

The game finished 1-0 to Manchester United against Brighton, but the game was overshadowed by the Lukaku and Bong incident. So, did Lukaku kick Bong in the nuts? Well, it does seem like once wasn’t enough for Lukaku, until he caught him in his nether region with his second back heel, which somehow helped Manchester United claim those three points they so desperately needed, as the ball landed to Ashley Young, who curled it in to the back of the net.

Post-match video evidence may lead to a three match ban for Romelu Lukaku, after a torrid and frustrating display in front of the home fans, where he failed to find the net despite having many chances to score. In order to prove what a sub-par game Lukaku had against Brighton, you only need to watch this video to see how all of those missed chances, bad ball control, and sloppy passing cost Manchester United many opportunities in the final third. Watch Lukaku in action against Brighton!

That was pretty terrible stuff from Lukaku. However, he isn’t the finished article at 24-years old, but with Zlatan Ibrahimovic soon back to full fitness and with his undoubted football intelligence and superior finishing and passing, it’s only a matter of time before Zlatan gets his chance to steal the reigns from Lukaku as Manchester United’s main striker. There’s always that to look forward to, but let’s now analyse Zlatan’s 28 minutes of action against Brighton in comparison to Lukaku, who was forced out more wide as a result of the Swede coming on to play through the center.

There definitely seemed to be a lot more invention, precise passing, and superior goal threat once Zlatan came off the bench to help his team. Surely, this must have been noticed by Jose Mourinho, and it will be interesting to see who will start upfront for Manchester United when they face Watford away on Tuesday night. Will it be Zlatan Ibrahimovic, or will it be Romelu Lukaku?

However, if the FA decide to hand down a three match ban on Lukaku, it will be Zlatan from the start by default for Man United. We believe it is only a matter of time before Ibrahimovic gets more game time and starts banging in the goals again.

What did you think of Lukaku’s Manchester United performance against Brighton? Who should play as Manchester United’s central striker going forward? Lukaku or Zlatan? Tell us in the comments section below.


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