Cristiano Ronaldo Gets A New Statue at The Real Madrid Museum

Yes, the day has finally arrived for Cristiano Ronaldo to finally receive a statue that actually looks like him. This comes a fair couple of months after the disastrous and heavily mocked unveiling of his bust at Madeira Airport in Portugal, which stole the headlines for making a mockery of Ronaldo’s appearance, swiftly becoming a popular internet meme for a week or so.

There was certainly a lot of ridicule. Ridicule for the artist of the first bust that is! However, this new statue is a definite show piece which honours Cristiano Ronaldo correctly.

As we remember it, Ronaldo seemed less than impressed with the statue in the airport on his native island of Madeira, and like most of his fans, he found it all very comical to say the least.

The ugly Ronaldo statue in all it’s glory in Madeira Airport, which was heavily ridiculed. Source: GettyImages

At the unveiling, it was all too clear from Cristiano Ronaldo’s face of what he thought of this monstrosity at Madeira airport. Let’s recap on his reaction…

Hmmm…. Source: AFP/GettyImages

Enough of that, now let us see the new and more accurate statue of the 32-year old record-breaking footballer, which has been placed in the Real Madrid Museum for everyone to enjoy.

The new bust of Cristiano Ronaldo at the Real Madrid museum. Credit: DailyMail

That’s more like it, right? Ronaldo will be pleased that future generations will remember his face more accurately, and it’s all thanks to the work of Spanish sculptor Jose Antonio Navarro Arteaga, rather than these hilariously funny memes made out of the previous bust in Madeira Airport, which reportedly still sits there and hasn’t been removed.

A homage to Star Wars character Han Solo. Source: Brainstain

How about this other memorable one which gives having a bronze spray tan a whole new meaning? This is the result of mixing Ronaldo scoring a goal with the infamous ugly bronze statue.

GOAL! Now show us your happy face! Source: Bluemoon

Whilst Ronaldo hasn’t had much luck in front of the goal in La Liga this season, (just yet), at least he can be pleased about his recent twin additions to his family, not to mention be pleased about getting this new statue placed at the Real Madrid Museum in the Spanish capital.

Hey, you guys! Credit: SportsGrid

We’re sure that Cristiano Ronaldo will soon start banging in the goals again soon. He’s set to pick up yet another Ballon d’Or this year, after another successful Champions League medal, and a La Liga title last season to boot. He’s still heavily regarded as the current best footballer on the planet, and it’s quite possible that he may be remembered as the best footballer of all time in future history as well.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Getty Images

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