Donald Trump Expertly Mocks Elizabeth Warren

President Donald J. Trump was back to work after a short break for Thanksgiving. He immediately held a White House event honouring the Navajo code-talkers, who were instrumental in fooling the Nazi’s and Japan in WWII by using broken code from their native language. Honouring these men is something that has never been done by any President before him. Hell, Obama gave Ellen DeGeneres the Medal of Freedom for crying out loud. In order to break the ice with a light joke, Trump expertly took the chance to mock Democrat politician Elizabeth Warren once again.

Some would find this humorous given the fact that Elizabeth Warren claimed that she is a Native American in order to further her political career, something which has continually haunted and followed her around ever since Donald J. Trump  pointed it out on his campaign trail. Let’s take a look at the thinly veiled ice breaker, shall we?

Donald Trump scores yet another point against Elizabeth Warren by shaming her claims of being a Native American in order to further her political career, garnering her the nickname “Pocahontas”. He’s not the only one to have criticised this Democratic congresswoman for her blatant cultural appropriation in order to further her political career in Massachusetts, read this story from 2012 to see what we mean.

Donald Trump just keeps on winning, especially when he’s making expertly timed jokes. However, as expected, CNN were opposed to it and are now calling President Trump’s joke a “racial slur”. No surprise to us that CNN is slow on the uptake and can’t understand a joke. Donald Trump clearly honoured these Navajo statesmen in the video above, and paid his respects to their instrumental work in the wake of WWII numerous times, but the Fake News media continues to try to topple Trump with any ammo they can scrabble to find, but you know what? It’s not working…

Donald Trump Tweeted as he came back to work on Monday:

President Trump is going from strength to strength, and he shows no signs of slowing down with the “winning” despite all the establishment Fake News resistance. All Donald Trump said, (which the Fake News media is trying to call him out on), is this transcribed and expertly timed mocking joke of his liberal adversary Elizabeth Warren: “You were here long before any of us were here. Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago.”

Classic! Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren’s friend Senator Ed Markey tweeted the following in response: “What @RealDonaldTrump said about my partner @SenWarren is a slur. It disparages the Native American war heroes, standing right beside the President, who risked their lives to protect his right to make such a disgusting comment”.

What’s actually quite disgusting is how Elizabeth Warren claimed to be of Native American heritage in order to further her political career.

Will Elizabeth Warren’s fake Native American heritage become a future copyright legal case with Disney, over Pocahontas? Only time will tell. Credit: GettyImages

As White House secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders pointed out, “I think what most people find offensive is Sen. Warren lying about her heritage to advance her career.”

Facts! This was not a racial slur, but just a reminder of how Elizabeth Warren has been culturally appropriating Native Americans for her own political gain for many years. Even back in 2012 during Warren’s Senate race, opponent Scott Brown accused her of claiming to be Native American.

Elizabeth Warren sought to protect herself after the joke at her expense by Donald Trump, when she told MSNBC, “This was supposed to be an event to honor heroes. People who put it all on the line for our country, and people, who because of their incredible work, saved the lives of countless Americans and our allies. It is deeply unfortunate that the president of the United States cannot make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a racial slur.”

“Donald Trump does this over and over thinking somehow he’s going to shut me up with it, it hadn’t worked in the past it is not going to work in the future.”

Elizabeth Warren draped in her traditional Native American tribal headdress. Her other tribal nickname, “Dances with Lies”. Credit: Saboteur365

Correction Elizabeth, it’s been working really well, and you know it! The true failure here is that of Elizabeth Warren listing herself in the Harvard Law Directory as a Native American, and being a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory. She won’t comment on those.

Donald Trump honoured the Navajo code talkers, but he also pointed his finger at Elizabeth Warren all in one fell swoop. Quite clever and humorous stuff, as their feud now continues… with Donald Trump winning, obviously.

Oh yeah, we have one more bit of wonderful Donald Trump news to close this article out on. He’s declared the forthcoming Holiday Season as a very merry one. Yes, it’s finally time to say Merry Christmas again without those deluded Democrats and socialist political correctness pests breathing down our necks. Woohoo! Merry Christmas everyone! No more “Happy Holidays” like under Barack Obama, but a nice solid “Merry Christmas to all”.

Credit: Ron Sachs – CNP/MEGA

Nice! If that offends you, then maybe you’re in the wrong country and need to go back from whence you came. Lastly, as for Elizabeth Warren… Let’s hear it from Pocahontas herself from beyond the grave, shall we?

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Credit: ScreenerTV

Brainstain, over and out!

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