What Happened To The Email Inbox?

Do you remember the days when your email inbox consisted of emails that you would actually read and reply to? Maybe you do, and it was almost ten years ago. Nowadays, we don’t have just one email account, the average person today has at least two, whilst the more busy have somewhere in between three or four email accounts. Just how many emails do you delete a day? The immediate swipe and delete or click and delete method has become second nature to us all, purely because of all that junk mail, spam, and adverts that somehow manage to slip through the filter more or less every day.

Long gone are the days of friends sending emails between one another. We’re sending way fewer emails outside of work thanks to social media platforms, but we’re also signing up to more registered¬†email accounts for a multitude of reasons, be it for music sites, social media sites, gaming sites, airline sites, travel sites, news sites, even personal interest and career sites too, which land you in a big tangled web of mailing lists.

Just how much of this stuff do we actually engage with, and are we really to believe when we click that tiny box when signing up to yet another website, that they do not sell your information to third-party websites? Hmm, what if it was actually the opposite way around?

Spam email’s have been around for a long while, but we’ve become accustomed somewhat. Credit: Wikimedia

To make matters worse, we’ve got to deal with the wave of blatant spam that comes to us all. We’ve seen them all. Nigerian bank account holders promising you $5 million dollars to your personal account if you send them all your personal details, those phishing scam links (which caught out the DNC and evil John Podesta “eh nice”), spam bots, and “trusty” SEO companies selling their services to you on a daily basis, promising you high rankings on Google.

Not to mention, when you attempt to leave a social media app or even take a break from it, that monopolised social media giant will start inundating you with notification reminders of how you should login in again and take part in their quite annoying existence.

Things were better in the old days, where we received a lot less crap through our mailbox. Imagine if it was physical mail! The pure volume of it would flood our hallways and possible cause the extinction of trees, but now it’s just ending up in the symbolic email trash dump with the rest of the sh*tty and useless emails that everyone else gets in their inbox.

Just a normal day in the email inbox. Credit: VVNG.com

That’s surely better, but if this wasn’t the case, and you received all that physical mail, then surely it would be classed as harassment or stalking.

Maybe it’s just us, but the sound of an email coming in immediately prepares us for that swipe and delete action, which is usually done quickly enough. The inner dread whenever that sound comes in cannot be denied any longer. It was only a decade ago that we would be curious of what sort of email was coming to us, since we knew it could be something of importance, but nowadays it’s usually just a call for more delete action.

So, what happened to the email inbox we once knew and loved? Has yours also become a cascading mountain avalanche of junk mail and useless notifications like many other people’s?

Tell us in the comments section below. But, just how do we reclaim the sanctity of the email? Should we all do this instead, and declare social bankruptcy?

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: PC World

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