Eminem To Release New Album ‘Revival’ in December

Guess who’s back, back again…? Shady’s back! Tell a friend… Erm, maybe not.

After four years since his last album release (The Marshall Mathers LP 2), Eminem is back at it again, and will be releasing his upcoming album, ‘Revival’, next month. The official date of the album release, will be on the 15th of December.

The Detroit rapper recently returned to perform his song “Walk on Water” live with Beyonce at the MTV EMA’s. He also performed a few hits on Saturday Night Live earlier this month, including “Walk on Water” which was panned by critics, by combining it with “Stan” and “Love The Way You Lie”. However, despite the gap in album releases, he’s certainly still keeping himself busy in the build up to the release of that new album.

Revival’s marketing campaign involved fake pharmaceutical advertisements, just like a newer version of the marketing style of the olden days where musical marketing contained pharmaceutical elements. Here’s an example, just so you get the idea.

Pretty funny, and certainly a different way to promote a new album with this very accurate looking medicine advert. Hopefully those who aren’t familiar with Eminem’s music won’t take it too literally, right? Then again, one could argue that Eminem really helped to push the popularity of Big Pharma drugs since he first hit the music scene as an artist.

Dr Dre shared another fake pharmaceutical advert through his Instagram, with the caption: “Use as prescribed by your doctor”

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Use as prescribed by your doctor. @eminem

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‘Revival’ will conclude Eminem’s trilogy of albums, following “Relapse” (2009) and Recovery (2010).

As well as live performances, Eminem also hasn’t kept his opinions on President Donald Trump silent, calling out the President for not responding to his recent BET freestyle, sort of like a petulant child.

“I was and am still extremely angry. I can’t stand that motherf*cker” the rapper told Shade 45 on Sirius XM. “I feel like he’s not paying attention to me. I was kinda waiting for him to say something, and for some reason, he didn’t say anything.”

These comments have already garnered Eminem the nickname of “Feminem”, and it really shows how naive he is and how grandiose his ego really is. Plus, he has lost a fair few fans since his terrible BET Awards anti-Trump acapella freestyle, which neither rhymed, nor did anything to claim that he was on course for any revival at allbut more so a decline.

Anyway, there’s currently no leaks or early releases from the album so far (unless his “Walk on Water” collaboration with Beyonce will be on there), but for the thousands of remaining Eminem fans out there, perhaps December 15th will be like Christmas arriving early. Many people have said that he is already way past his best by date. Let’s see if he can redeem himself.


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