Donald Trump Responds to Theresa May Over His Radical Islam Retweets

A little over a day ago, President Donald J. Trump retweeted three videos from Britain First activist Jayda Fransen on Twitter. The posts in question depicted a Muslim immigrant beating up a Dutch teenager on crutches, a bearded Islamist throwing a statue of the Virgin Mary onto the ground, breaking it into a thousand pieces, as well as a video of a teenage boy being thrown off a building by radical Islamic barbarians in Syria. Yeah, not exactly very nice content as the videos were indeed real. Below are some images of these original Tweets made by Jayda Fransen and shared by the US President.

The Dutch have since said this is a fake video, look it up and see for yourself, claiming it’s not what it seems. It’s a boy on crutches being beat by a Muslim migrant. Credit: JaydaFransen

There’s no mistaking this one for religious intolerance. Credit: JaydaFransen

A most disturbing video of Islamic radical savages at work. Credit: JaydaFransen

Some say that President Donald Trump shouldn’t have retweeted those videos, but it’s his Twitter account, and he should be able to retweet whatever he wants to retweet. Naturally, in him retweeting those videos, he faced criticism for doing so. If people actually thought about it, perhaps the President was trying to highlight the danger of the radical Islamic influx into Europe and Britain maybe?

Theresa May condemned President Donald Trump in retweeting Jayda Fransen’s posts, (as she probably had to), however, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated at a White House Press Conference in response to the criticism for the retweets, “Whether it’s a real video, the threat is real. [Trump’s] goal is to promote strong border security and strong national security. The threat is real, the threat needs to be addressed and the threat has to be talked about and that’s what the president is doing in bringing that up.”

Very true! We have some interesting and true facts coming at you, right after these next bits of information. Donald Trump responded to Theresa May on Twitter, condemning her reaction to condemn his retweets by tweeting:

Credit: realDonaldTrump

After getting the Prime Minister’s Twitter handle incorrect in the first attempt, Donald Trump tweeted out the same post again. If you were to ask us, we definitely say that he has a fair and very valid point, as it seems the authorities in the United Kingdom do more police work on Twitter than in actually dealing with real life crimes, such as radical Islamic terrorism, and the many radicals currently walking the streets at any given time.

Credit: realDonaldTrump

No religion other than radical Islam practices religious intolerance, terrorism, the preaching of killing non-believers, as well as entering into Europe to live off the socialist welfare system, and breed out more and more children in order to receive bigger cuts from the welfare office, and other free handouts. All of this disguised under political correctness and socialism. This drains the nation’s resources and financial limits at the same time. Germany and Sweden can be seen as perfect examples of this phenomenon. Radical Islam exemplifies a pure hatred for the West, but would rather live inside it than move back to their Sharia Law nations, then later demand to bring Sharia Law to the foreign communities where they now reside, at the expense of their new nation’s culture. We are yet to see that occur anywhere else with any other religion in modern world.

Unwillingly, yet willingly they stay… What’s their goal here? Some would say that radical Islam is at war with the West, which can be proven by the rising number of terror attacks, and them refusing to assimilate into the culture of the country where they now live. Let alone respect it, at the best of times. So, are they planning a takeover of Europe? Well… The religious and cultural intolerance is clear, but going by this latest piece of new news, since by 2050, the Islamic population in Great Britain will have more than tripled. And, in Europe the population of Muslims will have grown by 75 million people alone by 2050, with less and less Westerners considering having children altogether. So, now to those people who say that nationalism is racist, they are deluded and oblivious to the facts, as they have most likely been indoctrinated by the liberal education of failing socialism. And yet again, to those that say to put your country’s interests first, (e.g. “America First” or “Britain First”), is also now racist, are gravely mistaken, because just take a look at the information below.

See the rises in red? Warning! Sharia Law could become your children’s reality. Credit: DailyMail

The colluded European Union has ensured with the plight of some evil order, to make European nations that of the Middle East in the coming future.

Some stats for you, so let’s hope that France, the UK, Germany and Italy can preserve their cultures by 2050.  Credit: PewResearchCenter

Here’s what’s happening in Paris, France today! Roads are being blocked off by street prayers, emphasising that by 2050, the culture of France will pretty much be gone entirely.

You see Paris today? These street prayers are already blocking off whole roads. Credit: AP /Thibault Camus

For those of you that believe that political correctness and socialism is correct, rather than the lives and futures of your children and future generations to come, then you are in fact part of the problem. You solely repeat what you see on the news, and are brainwashed by the elitist media machine. You choose to ignore the Islamic culture of child brides, honour killings, increasing violence and crime, religious intolerance, terrorism, acid attacks, radicalization in Mosques, and even the Islamic gang rapes of white women. All of this is happening right now, right under your noses in your European nations.

With all that said and done, do you still even need to ask why Donald Trump is spreading awareness of these things? If you do, then again, you’re part of the problem for ignoring the realities at hand, cowering to political correctness, and ensuring the future of your country turns to that of a Sharia Law ruled nation. It’s sad, but at the rate things are going, it’s most likely going to be true. You need to wake up already!

What people need now is more education (not liberal indoctrination) to the facts and what the world really needs now more than ever, is controlled immigration, and to put nationalism first on the agenda. Extreme vetting of people from certain nations, and practicing the preservation of your country’s culture by putting it first is very much key, NOT the democratic socialist ideals for an Islamic utopia within Western societies. These have already proven to be massive failures, that keep on failing, and it will continue to keep on failing if things don’t change for the better.

Radical Islam has no place in the West. Moderate Muslims often run away from their own nations for religious reasons, as well, (i.e. from radical Islamic nations), but maybe people should talk about why that’s the case instead of only policing Donald Trump’s Twitter account? As well, as concerned people on social media that are spreading the word of the problems if Islam, which is an obvious threat to all our lives, since reality cannot be denied any longer with Fake News and a mass colluded cover up of the facts mentioned here within.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: New Statesman

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