James Franco’s ‘The Disaster Artist’ Hits Theaters December 8th

James Franco’s moment has finally come to redeem himself from the liberal left’s annoying antics over the past 18 months or so, and bring about something fun from out of the dismal depths that is Hollywood, with this truly inspiring and hilarious Hollywood story about Tommy Wiseau: The man that wrote, produced, directed and starred in the 2003 cult classic flop film, ‘The Room’, a film that became a thing of much wonderment due to it’s unbelievable awfulness in every aspect of the motion picture field. Aside from maybe the musical score. If you’re not familiar with that film, then please read on, because you won’t want to miss out on the quality video clips we’ve got in store for you.

Indeed, this new movie is another chance for the likes of James Franco (Acting & Directing) and Seth Rogen (Acting & Producing) to get back into the good books of the moviegoing public with something more on the funny side, despite being vocal supporters of Hillary Clinton during her disastrous election campaign. Never mind that stuff though, we’re giving them some oversight in light of this new venture in filmmaking. This latest Franco and Rogen concoction is being released as a biopic of potentially the most ridiculous contemporary American Dream/Hollywood story gone wrong in modern times. Tommy Wiseau can now hold his head up high for his efforts that have landed him great success against all odds.

Tommy Wiseau, creator of ‘The Room’. Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Tommy Wiseau’s ‘The Room’ will be fondly remembered in this biopic homage, which will surely prove that sometimes a blemish in the film world could still one day birth a biopic, (sort of like the film ‘Ed Wood’ starring Johnny Depp), and gain much success and contemporary cult film status in the future.

Wiseau will also get to cash in on his previous legacy of ‘The Room’ through this biopic, and maybe find the funny side of the strange stories he inspired that at the time of the movie’s creation, were riddled beyond belief. The new film hopes to gain everything except the extreme ridicule the original film garnered, but that won’t be likely. Anyway, success at last!

The Disaster Artist’ is set to bring back some fun and joy for the many people that have all but completely turned their backs on Hollywood movies for good. People are growing sick of Comic Book hero films, they’re sick of the systemic sexual abuse going on behind closed doors, and they’re sick of Hollywood’s evil secrets behind closed doors (such as those occult/devilish ties within the entertainment industry to very unspeakable things). Most of all, they’re also so sick of the sore loser social justice warrior set telling people how to vote and how to live their lives, whilst being worth millions and millions of dollars, living in their celebrity bubble. But, could this be a film that we will be watching, bring us all back in again, despite these sickening things? We’re the most liberal of all, but stupidity and pulling the wool over peoples eyes is not our business to partake in. Anyway, let’s take a look at the official trailer before the film opens worldwide tomorrow on December 1st, ahead of a fun filled weekend for all.

How about that for some good old fashioned laughs? If you thought this was purely a comedic portrayal and not an accurate depiction of ‘The Disaster Artist’ himself, Tommy Wiseau, then you’re greatly mistaken. You simply must watch the best moments from the romantic drama ‘The Room’ to find out where James Franco found the inspiration for this film.

The original film had a lot going for it: the monotone wooden acting, the timing of Wiseau’s line delivery, the undeniable ADR in almost every scene, and pretty much everything else from the written dialogue, to the lighting, the plain direction… The whole thing is a right royal mess of hilarity. Hey, but what can you expect from a film that delivers golden moments from the script like this? Script excerpt:  “I cannot tell you. It’s confidential… No I can’t. Anyway, how’s your sex life?”

You know that this is a film you have to see, despite the virtue signalling Hollywood set, which has gone leaps and bounds to embarrass themselves since Donald Trump got elected. This is Franco and Rogen’s best idea since ‘The Interview’, hands down! With ‘The Disaster Artist’ being released in cinemas tomorrow, we highly recommend that you buy and watch the unforgettable ‘The Room’ movie as soon as possible. For very different reasons entirely, of course… We love this next compilation so much, we really do, that we’ve already watched it four times. Please enjoy!

After watching that, we’re not quite sure which film will be more fun to watch in full! The good news is James Franco has managed to merge the unrelenting and unintended comedy of the first original film into this brand new biopic, all in one fell swoop, something which could (and should) be classed as a stroke of genius. Let’s be real here, we’ve been looking forward to ‘The Disaster Artist‘ very much over the last few months, and now we most definitely have to watch the original film ‘The Room’, again. So without further ado, we highly recommend that YOU do the same, and purchase that fine film right here on DVD or on Blu-Ray. You can thank us later! Without ‘The Room’ there would be no ‘The Disaster Artist‘, you see?

James Franco as “the disaster artist” himself. Credit: IndieWire

The question now is, which film would you rather watch? Is it ‘The Room’, or is it ‘The Disaster Artist’? We know we’ll be watching ‘The Room’ first again, mainly because that ‘Best Moments’ compilation really got us in the mood. We know full well about the filmmaking process, so it’s intriguing how such a film like this even passed the principles of photography, given these marvellous takes of oblivious delirium to its intended success by Tommy Wiseau at the time, which has now proven the critics all wrong. Let’s face it, since Wiseau’s film is now doing a whole lot of “winning” right now.

This is truly “stranger than fiction”, and this is why we believe that James Franco’s film will be very well received by all.

To find out more about tomorrow’s film release, check out the official IMDB page for ‘The Disaster Artist’ and see who additionally stars in the film. You’ve got people like Dave Franco, Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson, Seth Rogen, Bryan Cranston, Adam Scott… Plus, even Judd Apatow makes a solid cameo, which let’s you know the breadth of the people who wanted to take part in the making of the film from the get go, for one reason or another.

We’ve been missing the laughs of good films for a while now, so like a two for one, we’ve got a story about a horrendous independent film made in 2003, which has now got a film based version of it’s official backstory to boot. Brilliant! Although, we don’t think James Franco can ever quite supersede the magnificence of Tommy Wiseau or can he?

But, like they say, there’s no such thing as “bad publicity”, so we raise our glass to Tommy Wiseau on this occasion, and admit that James Franco is one entertaining guy as well, despite the fact that both him and Seth Rogen are entirely clueless in politics and logical reason, but that’s not the main topic of this article now, is it? Stick to funny movies, or abandon your fan base altogether….

Here’s ‘The Disaster Artist’ Official Trailer II

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: The Disaster Artist

Wait, there’s more from ‘The Room’, right here! Such an EPIC! Don’t miss all these extra scenes!

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