Happy December 1st To You All!

Guess what? Its December 1st, and it’s fallen on a Friday of all days! That’s something that hasn’t happened for many years – not since 2006 to be exact, which makes this an extra special day. With that said, it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit and break out those nativity sets for the anticipation of the celebration of the birth of Christ. Many have begun anticipating if they’re getting any gifts this year, with much riding on whether or not they’ve been naughty or nice.

Let’s kick off the festivities by reminding everyone as to why the first Advent is a special day, and why it feels so extra special on a day like today. There’s only twenty four days to go until you’re wearing your Christmas sweaters, eating Turkey, and opening presents with family and friends. All that awaits are those that will be taking part.

In recent years, Christmas has been under a serious threat, because some people might find it offensive… However, our god given right to celebrate Christmas is in fact, not offensive in the least, and more people will find comfort in knowing that you can start saying, “Merry Christmas” again without being judged for it. You can even say it to those who don’t even celebrate it, because they should know that being tolerant and understanding of other cultures is a good thing.

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Never let socialist constructs deem the Holiest of Holidays as offensive. How is Christmas offensive? To whom is it, and why? We don’t get offended by other religions’ holidays, do we? Christmas is probably the most celebrated holiday of all; even those not of Christian faiths sometimes take part as well. And, why not? So let us be rid of that notion that some people find Christmas offensive, because it’s really not offensive in the least.

On this 1st Advent Friday, many will set up the Nativity scene of Baby Jesus and the three wise men, whilst some will hang up their Christmas stockings over the fireplace. Some may have already dressed their Christmas tree in the living room, complete with lights and a star up on top in anticipation of this most joyous holiday season coming, in but a few more weeks. If you find that offensive, then by all means, just feel offended then. Nothing can stop it from coming and happening, Mr. Grinch.

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Advent means the “Arrival” or “Coming”, and as we all know, it marks the celebration of the birth of Christ, but to give presents and in fulfilling people’s wishes with kindness is the real gem of this wintry holiday of wonderment, because that’s what make it such a fond celebration to and for all.

It should be socially acceptable (and perhaps mandatory) to say “Merry Christmas”, as it will in time cheer up those Scrooge’s and Grinch’s out there. At least over time anyway.

We’re not the only one’s who are celebrating this day, and that are looking forward to Christmas. No sir, let’s give some all around Christmas cheer within this amusing news piece below.

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Now that’s good news… Probably news that will sound like “Silent Night” for all those attending The White House Christmas Party this year. Perfect!

Now is the time where the smell of cinnamon and cloves begin to emerge, the sights of Christmas lights for all to behold that are decorating out outsides of people’s homes, plus the sounds of people walking around humming “Jingle Bells” to themselves while they’re out on that last shopping round, getting the last annoying items out of the way before the 25th of December… Indeed, this is a time that unites friends and families, and spreads joy and warmth into people’s hearts, away from a dismal and dreary winter season.

So without further ado, we shall tell all our readers to have an early and very:

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It’s time to stick that Christmas calendar up on the wall, and open up the first day of the month to get themselves a fix of a small block of chocolate perhaps? Maybe you might even see a fine drawing, or at the very least, find a small cookie of some kind.

Merry (early) Christmas readers, have a wonderful commencement to the Holiday Season.

Plus, have a good weekend!

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