The Room (2003) Film Review

Last week, we wrote about the new James Franco film, ‘The Disaster Artist’, fully expecting it to be released as planned on Friday December 1st last week, but it seems that the release date has been pushed back to this coming Friday on December 8th. Just as well, since we’ve managed to get you and as well as ourselves all excited for the big reveal of a motion picture based on a $6 million independent film, ‘The Room‘, which was the brainchild and vision of the unintentionally humorous genius, Tommy Wiseau. Indeed, Tommy is “so hot” right now, and if you keep on reading, you’ll find out why…

As we promised, over the weekend, we watched ‘The Room‘ in its entirety, and we’ll have to say this right out of the gate: once you watch it too, you will not be disappointed. We’ve decided to elaborate on our experience in watching the film, and delve a little deeper into the world of Tommy Wiseau, in order to learn more about just how this all happened and came to be.

When we watched ‘The Room’, we knew a bit about it from the best moments video clips and other elements from certain scenes, but nothing quite prepared us for how endearing an independent film like this could be, despite the fact it was a travesty of a film that spent a staggering $6 million on things like green screens, sets, and overtime charges for a professional film crew in shooting sessions that went way over schedule, all to the direction of a somewhat inexplicably horrible screenplay which starred, was written by, produced, and directed by Tommy Wiseau himself.

Nowadays it’s a success story. L to R: Greg Sestero, Dave Franco, James Franco and Tommy Wiseau. Credit: DailyMotion

On top of all that, a majority of the film was dubbed using Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR). One can only presume that the sound recordist was a disaster artist in his own right. The acting from Wiseau has become the stuff of legend, and the sheer awkwardness of other actors in the film having to deliver his set lines, all brings about terribly wooden performances from all the actors, (though clearly some of them were better than others). It should go without saying that the characters Johnny and Denny were the absolute best of the worst.

We understand the beautiful story that Tommy Wiseau was trying to tell, about a somewhat mysterious man that’s very kind, who is deeply in love with “His Lisa”, and the struggles he has to face in life, such as the betrayal from his presumed best friend, Mark, and adopting a young and troubled teenager (Denny). However, the awkward sex scenes, with post-added sound effects of moaning and kissing make the those parts feel like some sort 1980’s porno movie, but we’ll leave you to make up your mind about that stuff.

Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) loves playing football at the weirdest of times. Credit: Highsnobiety

One thing we can say is that we very much enjoyed watching ‘The Room’, and we will probably watch it again, at least twice more in quick succession! The original film already has a huge fan base, and staunchly defensive fans from all around the world. We mean, just imagine the ride that the whole cast and crew was on during the making of the film. We would have loved to be a fly on the wall during the making of the film, and we hope the documentary making of the film will be released some day in the near future.

The movie has already been described as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”, so if that doesn’t tickle your movie buff fancy, then nothing will. However, what is so great about all of this is how the film went from from being extremely ridiculed, to becoming somewhat of a holy grail of “gone wrong” cult classics, with loads of people actually thinking very fondly of the movie. So, what happened after ‘The Room’ was released in 2003? Well, let’s find out more from ‘After They Were Famous’, down below, and learn a couple of fun facts, shall we?

Now, let’s get some insight from Tommy Wiseau in this interview, regarding the book by co-star Greg Sestero who plays “Mark” in the original film, and just how James Franco decided to make it into his next film. Plus, we gain  some extra knowledge from the Disaster Artist himself too.

Some pretty sound advice from Tommy Wiseau there. Who can deny that it’s become a phenomenon, with its dubious acting, its questionable scenes (such as those with Denny), pointless characters, all those intent-less scenes, and things that seemingly look and sound like they were made up on the spot. Who knows, maybe it was all improvised? The various scenes of throwing around the football must have been seen as a hilarious misuse of a prop and reconvening actors into scenes that need not even be there at all. We have grown to love the film, and this solid piece of wise advise from Tommy Wiseau, “I have you have a vision”, is incredibly inspirational. If you “have original material”, it has the potential to be “very special”, as Wiseau says.

Next up, here’s some scene comparisons between James Franco’s interpretation of Tommy Wiseau’s performance in ‘The Room’. Who does it better? The classic or the impressionist? That one should be obvious; nobody does “Johnny” better than Tommy Wiseau. Take a look!

That “You are tearing me apart Lisa!” line gets us every time. We thought that James Franco got that one 100% perfect. We can’t wait to see the film this coming Friday… It’s something nice to look forward to at least, so let’s hope the film ‘The Disaster Artist’ does the man, the myth, and the legend of Tommy Wiseau justice.

Brainstain, over and out!

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You can watch The Room right here on this very link.

Trust us, you will not be disappointed. Please the genius of Tommy Wiseau enjoy!

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