Five Reasons Why YouTube Isn’t The Best Career To Get Into

For years now, YouTube has not only been the largest video platform worldwide, but it’s also become a place where many have made their claim to fame.

However, with that being said, there are a few reasons why YouTube may not be the best career choice. Now, we don’t like to be too negative about these things and we don’t discourage anyone from starting their own YouTube channel. After all, there has been some true talent discovered (excluding Justin Bieber) over the years from YouTube, and there have been many who were able to get discovered and make a living out of doing what they love, all just from uploading to YouTube.

What we do need to remember is that the promise of becoming a YouTube star is guaranteed to no one, and even those who become successful may not remain that way forever. So with that being said, here’s five reasons why YouTube isn’t the best career choice.

1. There’s no guarantee you’ll be popular or famous

As mentioned above, absolutely no one is guaranteed fame or popularity when they begin YouTube. Unless you’re already rich or know the right people, it all comes down to pure luck. Unfortunately, with millions upon millions of YouTube users out there, your content really needs to stand out in order for it to get noticed. However, the harsh reality is, 9/10 times your content is not going to get thousands of views overnight, and it will take quite a lot of time before your channel starts to grow properly. However, if you love uploading content, then keep at it, but be sure to have smaller, more reachable goals for your channel rather than just popularity, views and money. Also, as they all say, “don’t give up your day job”.

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2. Youtube’s “adpocalpyse”

Even the most well-known and biggest YouTubers out there have been hit hard with YouTube’s “adpocalypse”, with their videos being de-monetised for having remotely logical and conservative views and therefore, not being able to earn as much as they used to. Also, bare in mind that if YouTube see something that they don’t like which is proving to be popular, then they can purposefully stifle your video views, leaving it on the same view count for a decade or indefinitely. Thanks YouTube! So many creators are getting screwed over by this, as well as having their videos being suddenly taken down for apparently not sticking to YouTube’s new ad guidelines. BS! So even if you do become popular enough, be prepared for your work to get de-monetised, and for videos to be removed when you say something that doesn’t fit their narrative or agenda. Good luck trying to fix anything if it happens to you, it’s near impossible to actually contact an actual person on the site, as everything on there seems to be automated. Just be prepared for Google and YouTube’s unjust power plays.

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3. “Exposed” and hate videos

So let’s say you do become famous, and you’re finally about to make a living by creating videos, another thing to be prepared for are “exposed” videos about you. It may not happen, but simply type in “exposed” on the search bar and immediately you’ll find page after page about x/y YouTuber getting exposed in some way. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but just make sure you don’t post or say anything that may come off as offensive, otherwise you’ll get tons of those videos plastered around, and even silly rumours made up about you. If you haven’t done anything wrong, be prepared for one or two hate videos anyway, because many people out there are complete and utter morons. That’s life. Then again, there’s those expose videos of all the sick satanic pedophilia advocates in the entertainment industry too, which is definitely a good watch, if not only to see the sheer scale of the problem through most of TV, Film, Politics and Music. Basically, a vast majority of the entertainment business, from baby blood to ritual killings and all that jazz. Anyway, we think those kinds of videos definitely get their monetisation rights removed…

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4. Fans and privacy

If you get very popular, you will get a fanbase and that’s a good thing, but just like with normal celebrities, you’re bound to get those odd fans that don’t know the meaning of “privacy”, and will often try to butt into your privacy to find out more about you. Basically, you may have to deal with a fair few Internet stalkers. Plus, let’s not forget the fake/impersonation accounts, your phone blowing up with notifications all the time, and the odd annoying spam bots/phishing links that you’ll get in your inbox and comment sections. It’s best to use a hardly ever used email account to link to your YouTube channel, you see? Do think you could handle the constant attention, and having your face plastered all over the Internet, talking about mostly dumb stuff to make some money in the long run? Well, if the content isn’t dumb, at least in some way, then the early signs show that it won’t be a popular YouTube channel. Mediocrity is king on the internet, especially so when it comes to YouTube, so throw out all of those smart video ideas you were going to use, and act stupid to reel in stupid fans, children and millennial stalkers for you to earn your monthly cash payments from. “Success” and YouTube will love you!

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5. Losing fame

Unfortunately, while gaining the fame takes a lot of hard work and luck, you can lose all your YouTube fame within seconds. There’s been many cases of this already. Some have come under serious controversy for their unpopular views, some have been charged with criminal offences, and some have simply just lost the interests of their fans and just don’t get the views they once did. Wonder why? Could it be YouTube censorship on conservative logic that doesn’t abide by the ultra liberal (and at times satanic) agenda of the ultra far left? Partly, but not in every case. There have been the odd few who are still just as popular as they were when they started out, but there are a good handful who lost their fame rather quickly. Always make sure you don’t teach the masses anything too true. Just remember that whilst you could be famous one day, you may just fade into obscurity the next day. Keep it stupid and kid friendly, and you’re in for a fair chance.

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As we mentioned earlier, we don’t want to discourage anyone from starting a YouTube channel, but just be aware of the harsh reality of what to expect from it. People see YouTube as a career and business platform nowadays, as we’ve been hearing through the grapevine, and as always when it comes to matters of business, there’s a lot of limitations on what you can do, leaving you to pick the low hanging fruit if you want to turn a profit. Regardless of what we’ve said, you should always do what you love, and keep at it if you truly enjoy it…


<Story by Emily Clark>

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