Supreme Court Passes Donald Trump’s Travel Ban

Well, it seems that Donald Trump’s policies are finally getting passed through the Supreme Court. This is good news, with the recent Trump Tax Cuts being legislated. Indeed, Donald Trump got his travel ban passed on Monday, banning six Muslim nations known for Jihadi training camps, as well as an additional two more nations.

It seems the looney liberal left cannot withstand the storm of logic any longer, so all that remains now is the building of that wall, as well as dealing with sanctuary cities, after Kate Steinle’s murderer in San Francisco was deemed not guilty… Wait, WHAT?!

President Donald Trump making the ban official. Credit: DNA India

Trump’s got a multitude of other great plans that he will be unveiling in the near future, not to mention the media blackout crackdown on pedophiles, pedophilia and human trafficking across the United States. Success!

The Trump travel ban could be immediately imposed whilst multiple court cases challenging the ban are resolved. However, with a 7 to 2 win, anti-discrimination advocates will surely protest this ban once again.

So, who’s on the list? Well, there’s 8 in total: Chad, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea and Venezuela too. The United States would refuse entry visas from nationals of these countries, with only exceptions being made for people with bonafide links inside the nation, i.e. either domestic businesses or close family relatives in the US. So get prepared for some extreme vetting, because no terrorists and free loaders are allowed to slip through the cracks anymore.

Legitimate tourists, family members, and business partners only. Credit:

The 7 to 2 ruling doesn’t mean that the Supreme Court has accepted the ban as constitutional, but that Trump’s ban is a persuasive argument that an emergency injunction against the ban was unnecessary at this stage.

As expected, the leftists will be in uproar about the ban, but let’s not forget that the six Muslim nations to be banned were first selected by Barack Obama anyway. Heck, even Obama nominee Elena Kagan backed the bill too. Jeff Sessions, the US attorney general, said the ruling was “a substantial victory for the safety and security of the American people”.

So there you have it! Another Donald Trump policy, first coined by Obama, passed through the Supreme Court, ensuring that nobody from those nations will be able to travel to the USA without the correct vetting, which all in all is something we believe to be a fair and just decision.

Nice work Donald Trump.

Brainstain, over and out!

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