Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore Says George Soros “Will Go To Hell”

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been going through a left-wing political witch hunt of late. The left have been making allegations that Roy Moore had sex with teenage girls, (the age of consent in Alabama is 16-years old by the way), and that these incidents occurred in the 1970’s when Moore was around thirty years old. However, these allegations are coincidentally coming up some forty years later during the run up towards the Alabama senate election on December 12th, 2017. Suspicious much? Seemingly this is the liberal left’s latest fake news witch hunt, trying to use it to fish extra condemnation on any Republican whilst also trying to pin the blame on Donald Trump somehow. All of that of course, is the perfect mixture to be a new favourite story for CNN and other establishment media outlets to talk about right now.

Rumours are circling that of the five women accusing Roy Moore, some have been reimbursed and paid to come forward. Seemingly, Democrats will try to do anything to win those many Senate seats that were lost, and Roy Moore is the current focus at this time, with yet unproven allegations from forty years ago conveniently cropping up at the worst possible time. Really makes you go “hmmm”, doesn’t it?

On the campaign trail, Roy Moore has slammed fake philanthropist and known evil billionaire leftist, George Soros, and rightly so. In summary, Roy stated that there’s a special place in hell waiting just for him. We would have to agree with him; it’s not going to be pretty for Soros come judgement day – a day which is hopefully coming very soon.

Alabama Senate candidate, Roy Moore. Credit: Toronto Star

Roy Moore appeared on Bryan Fischer’s Christian conservative radio show on Tuesday morning, describing George Soros as being “not American Culture” due to his habits of bank rolling deluded un-American, divisive causes claimed by the Left, whilst trying to topple Trump. He likes to splash his cash on such fickle things like Pussy Hats, fake Women’s marches, kneeling in the NFL, and much, much worse things like the domestic terror group Antifa, the backwards and brainwashed Black Lives Matter movement, and anyone else he can pay off to protest anything that can be used to try to debase Donald Trump’s successful actions. Most recently, Soros has been hunting Roy Moore, and has even gone as far as to register convicted felons to vote against Roy Moore, as reported by Breitbart. This comes as no surprise to us, as Soros has played a huge part in Democratic voter fraud in the past, such as with Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign where many already dead voter names arose, as well as illegal immigrants who also voted for her as well. Thankfully she lost anyway. Fast forward to the French election where the voter fraud scheme of double ballots were rife for French ex-pats, which saw Emmanuel Macron win. The elite like their puppets in place, you see?

Jean-Claude Juncker and George Soros, two people who are going to hell. Credit: DailyExpress

Unsurprisingly, this also means that Soros has his hands deep in the corruption within the European Union (EU), thanks to his Open Society organisation which is in heavy cahoots with certain powerful people within the EU, as recently exposed by Nigel Farage. They have long been conspiring to flood Europe with unassimilated Muslim migrants into formerly sovereign European countries. George Soros also funded the Arab Spring, causing war across at least seven nations in the Middle East, occurring during the period when his puppets Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton reigned during the former’s terrible eight year long presidential tenure of democratic disasters.

George Soros is most definitely going to hell, and we await the day eagerly. You can be sure it will spell out the end of the destruction of the world as he wants it, and we know full well that many people will be having a celebratory drink or two once he’s finally gone.

Oh, did we forget to mention that George Soros uses his many NGO’s to flood Europe with illegal migrants by also illegally picking them up by the boat-full, dropping them off on Europe’s doorstep, and then push them through to socialist nations in the EU? Every EU nation has come to suffer this causation, with some more than others, aside from nations in Eastern Europe, where the Hungarian born Jewish ex-Nazi aide has already been condemned as pure evil. When will the rest of European nations wake up and do the same?

Credit: Twitter

He also invests heavily in colluding his wealth across America’s news media networks where he holds serious financial stakes, as well as news media networks in many European nations too, which allow for him to push his socialist lies through the propaganda machine of television news directly out to the populous. By lying to the people and by withholding information, such as they’ve done in Europe, since there they can now not blame the effervescent rise in crime as a direct result of the Muslim Migration crisis for fear of it being racist, in countries like Sweden and Germany. You know, because of socialist political correctness. This scare mongering results in them hiding the true facts. Thanks Soros!

Anyway, back to Roy Moore on that radio show. He stated during the show, “Soros is trying to alter the voting populous. That’s true. He’s pushing an agenda. And his agenda is sexual in nature”.

“His agenda is liberal and not what Americans need. It’s not American culture. Soros comes from another world that I don’t identify with. I wish I could in fact, face him directly”.

Roy Moore’s message to Soros was that he doesn’t “recognize God and morality”, later adding, “And I’d tell him the same thing. No matter how much money he’s got, he’s still going to the same place that people who don’t recognize God and morality and accept his salvation are going. And that’s not a good place”.

This says it all and they say hell is hot. Credit: Truthfeed

Satanists and New World Order enthusiasts will say that Moore’s comments are anti-semitic, but that’s not the case, since Moore’s spokespeople have said that they are not “anti-Jewish” but are actually “anti-George Soros”, and that no apology was needed. Frankly, we agree! Let’s be real here, firstly, if George Soros cared about his Jewish heritage, he wouldn’t have aided the Nazi’s in gassing and killing hundreds of thousands of Jews in the second World War, as he did. Secondly, he wouldn’t support the Islamic influx into Europe to a point where even Jewish people in Europe, now need to physically hide their faith for fear of being attacked, as they usually are in countries like France.

Roy Moore denies any wrong doing in these fake rape allegations that are being spread by the fake news media ahead of the Alabama Senate Election, stating that they’re simply being planted in order for him to lose voters during the election, even though, Moore is currently ahead by a small margin. Moore finally told Fischer’s radio show, “They’re liberals; they don’t hold conservative values.”

So there you have it! George Soros’ latest focus is trying to avoid having Roy Moore win the Senate Election in Alabama. If you’re in Alabama, be sure to go out and vote for Roy Moore, and back him up during this latest leftist witch hunt. As clear as day, the allegations against Roy Moore are as false as the claim that George Soros is somehow for the Jewish community.

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: NBC News

By the way, check out this video below of Soros saying that the time that formed his adult character, was when he was helping the Nazi’s exterminate the Jews in World War II.

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