Southern California Wildfires Ravage Los Angeles

Horrible scenes of devastating wildfires are ravaging the hills and homes of southern California residents, stretching far into the heart of Los Angeles into places like Bel-Air. This is an unbelievably huge wildfire, and it’s causing mass evacuations on an epic scale, coming just one and half months after similar wildfires ravaged northern California in mid October.

Just to see how bad it looks, the footage below should put to scale the sheer size of this disaster into perspective. People from all walks of life are having to evacuate and abandon their homes. Let’s hope that they have home insurance with fire protection, because this is getting frightening and ugly. Like a scene out of the biblical apocalypse, this is what greeted commuters on the 405, just 24 hours ago. The fires have since continued to spread from high winds into other places.

Unbelievable, but true! Fires as dangerously close to residents in Southern California on this scale are unprecedented, and one wonders what the cause of these fires are.┬áSomebody please ask somebody who knows, like a fireman or a weatherman, or a scientist, because this is truly devastating to see. It’s baffling and downright dangerous, not to mention incredibly sad for the people who have gotten caught up in the chaos. Take a look at this next video!

Pray for the people of Los Angeles. California is of course a wonderful state, and Los Angeles is a place where we have many friends. Witnessing the footage of these fires, we can say that the scenes we have seen look nothing short of a national disaster at this stage. Planes and fire crews have been doing their best to quench the blaze, working day and night in order to stop it.

If you are currently in Los Angeles at this time, please follow the instructions of the authorities, and evacuate the area without hesitation. If there’s anything important you need to bring, then get them ASAP, and follow the heed to evacuate as soon as possible.

Countless Ventura County homes have been incinerated, and the fires still continuing to burn. If you wish to, you can watch and follow this ABC live link below to get all the latest news on the wildfire situation, and more importantly, keep you up to date with any fire warnings in your area.

The news stations say that this is a prolonged weather condition of dry weather combined with high winds, and that things are going to get worse before they get better. Truly horrifying scenes indeed, with fires already burning near the famed Getty Center. The area will be shut down again on Thursday, as a precaution.

California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency, already freeing state funds and extra resources to aid the Fire departments that are currently fighting the blazes. FEMA are also at work in conjunction with them, in order to stop these dangerous fires.


Pray for Los Angeles and it’s residents!

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